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Rick Fitzgerald
The MultiFamily Expert
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AAM Capital has been recognized as one of Tennesee's top multifamily investment lender as well as other commercial real estate property types/

Our expertise with multifamily investments is a success because of our experience with over 25 years in banking and secondary market financing.

Agents and clients who work with multi family properties need mortgage professionals now more than ever before.  The industry is changing daily..........no, now hourly and team work is an answer.  Call me if you are an agent or multifamily investor when you want the absolute best team for your office and clients.

Investor choose "The Multifamily Experts" for its expertise and results. 

Hispanics multifamily investors and agents relate well with the Executive Managers southwest living experience on the border of Texas in El Paso, Canutillo and Odessa TX.



Our first challenge is do we have a Multifamily loan?  Our steps include:

Analyze the Profit and Loss statements - What are the strengths and any issues? Are our expenses in range of our expectations?  The bottom line is the NOI. Are we in range?  Basic rule of thumb is 100% rents minus 35% expense load.  That's bare minimum. anything lower may be an issue. We look for a 1.20 debt ratio but can work with a lower return. Rent roll - Our loan programs will accommodate various historical vacancies.  All of our Government backed multifamily programs require a higher occupancy rate.  We look for this history and current status to provide the best funding solution for the property.  Unstable rents require an expertise in understanding how it impacts the funding. Photos - Photos are extremely important in providing funding.  They are now required in every submission.  We encourage our investors and agents to be sure to take and keep photos on hand just after landscaping or cleaning.  Like keeping photos of your children. Credit - Credit scores are everything now.  All other factors may be acceptable with credit creating a major issue.  Our best funding includes scores down to 660.  Our Credit Repair service has made many a deal. Great credit puts you into our Multifamily Express. Refinancing -Boils down to tax returns and verification of income. Can we verify actual income on Schedule E's? Again, great credit and  a Schedule E give investors the opportunity into the Multifamily Express. No need for full returns. Maintenance-It's important to check expenses on maintenance, cleaning and repair. This has a normal operating range that will be defaulted if the P+L is out of range. Appraisal - One of the biggest issues faced by all parties.  The cost and method of evaluating property value is a challenge.  It pays to utilize the services of a Mortgage Professional and Agent who understands the reality in the current market. 

I specialize in Multifamily investing and commercial properties.  I work as a team alongside agents as well as investors to ensure good returns and success for everyone.  AAM Capital understands investors, CAP rate returns, property evaluations and will provide the very best financing option available.  My experience enables me to match investor needs with the loan criteria necessary for the loan closing.  We can close many loans with just a little creativity or flexibility.  Everyone needs all of the resources available to be successful in this day and age of the credit crunch.

Whether you are an agent, investor or owner user, depend on AAM Capital to work in your best interest.


Multifamily investing and AAM Capital go hand in hand. When you need a professional choose "The Multifamily Experts". Whether you want to purchase or you are refinancing, we are the investor's choice