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Expert Real Estate Advice from a Southwest Ohio Realtor, Courtesy of and Christina Cavins with Irongate Inc. Realtors



Congressman Michael R. Turner spoke publicly today with the Northeast-Midwest Institute about the impact of the national housing crisis in the Dayton, Ohio area.  "Over 6,000 foreclosures were reported across Ohio's Third Congressional District in 2008.  This represents a three-fold increase from...
Check these necessary precautions off the to-do list this August for home maintenance:-Clean dryer vent duct.-Test the sump pump.-Replace any broken bulbs and make necessary repairs to outdoor lighting.-Use grass clippings as fertilizer.-Be sure all residents know the location of water and gas sh...
To Remodel or Not to Remodel? That is the question! Consider the costs involved when deciding: Roofing Install conventional asphalt shingles over existing shingles $1.25 - $2 / sq. ft. Strip and re-shingle with conventional shingles $2 - $3 / sq. ft Rebuild typical chimney above roof line $100-$2...
Check out this FREE Homebuyer's Guide for First Time Buyers, Repeat Buyers, and Vacation Homebuyers. Thinking of buying a home? Then please take 5 minutes to check out these FREE, informative homeownership guides. Not only is the information FREE, but it could save extra expenditures too! Homebuy...
Go green and play an earth friendly game at called Build a Lot 4 Power Source. Energize green areas and assist neighborhoods with expansion by generating clean, green power! Be careful to avoid blackouts! Build solar towers, wind farms, boutiques, swimming pools, and so much more! Th...
Read these little known green facts to increase eco-friendliness! Going green starts at home. The word "eco" traces back to the Greek word "oikos", meaning 'house'. It is a fact that 70% of home buyers said they were more inclined to buy a green home in a down economy than a non-green home. 62% o...
Eat local in Downtown Dayton, Ohio at the Second Street Market, located at 600 E. 2nd Street near the Webster-Second Street intersection. What's summer without a stop at a local farm market? What's a better place than right in the heart of Dayton, Ohio where 40 merchants are selling goods? The ma...
The $8,000 tax credit is running out! It's a great time to purchase the home of your dreams! Interest rates are low and first-time homebuyers are in luck. Congress passed an act which includes a tax credit for first-time homebuyers of up to $8,000. In fact, you may be classified as a first-time h...
Maintain hardwood floors with these tips to keep hardwood floors clean and in good condition. A common problem with hardwood floors occurs when liquid is spilled and moisture seeps into the floor where it gets trapped in the wood. With enough moisture, the boards could begin to cup or dip in the ...
The Peace of Mind Job Loss Mortgage Protection Plan removes the stress of a potential job loss. Real Living Realty's FREE eace of Mind plan is designed to provide comfort and confidence needed to make moving a reality. Here's how it works: One-Year Coverage When you are represented by a Real Livi...

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