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1. “I am buying this home with an owner occupied loan but I plan on selling it right after closing and doing this again.  I want to do this until I get 10 properties.”    Okay this one happens quite a bit.  This isn’t an episode of “Flip This House” and you’re not a real estate tycoon like Donald...
The Classic Era was in the years 200-1519.  The Industrial Revolution was in the 18th to 19th Century.  The Progressive Era just after that.  Those periods were a long time ago, we are in a whole new era now and if you are not prepared for it you are now part of the same ancient history. We are i...
      I put this list of items NOT to do during the homebuying process a while back and thought I would share.  All of these examples are from actual transactions of mine.  I hope my pain can bring you all a little enjoyment.   Don’t lie to your lender- No seriously, people try and we find out ev...
I have run into a lot of people in the last month who didn't buy a home or refinance their current mortgage when mortgage rates were in the mid to low 3's.  Many of them say that they now are going to hold off until the rates go back down.  My advise to them....don't hold your breath.  We have be...

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