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If you've never served on a volunteer board of directors for an organization to which you belong or support - you've missed out.  Serving on a committee or a task force or even at the director level provides a level of engagement that opens one's perspective, broadens the horizon of possibility, ...
The Key To Staying Connected is Using The Right Technology.  I have been reading a number of blogs about technology and the cool gizmos, apps, plug-ins, devices, software, and services that many of our colleagues here on the ActiveRain swear by on a daily basis.  I did a post last year about the ...
Can You Hear Me Now?  The Cicadas Are Calling! It is that time of year in the Foothills of Northern Colorado when some very interesting creatures take to the airwaves! The sound they make is strangely identical to the 'tic-tic-tic' an electronic igniter makes on gas stoves or propane grills.  Thi...
Where The Buyers Are... June 2013 Market Update Homes in Fort Collins, Colorado If Connie Francis had been a REALTOR, then "Where The Buyers Are" would have been her chart topping hit instead of that other song/movie that made Fort Lauderdale famous (and no, I'm not old enough to remember that - ...
How to Solve the No Building Permit Conundrum in Larimer County You've just found the home of your dreams!  Even better, your offer has been accepted ahead of all the others!  Congratulations!  Your due diligence period begins and your inspector tells you everything looks good.  You've asked for ...
Search for Homes in Fort Collins Colorado Without Getting Disappointed Within the Real Estate Industry there's much ballyhoo over Search Engine Wars. The big players - let's just call them Trilliow and Zulia are vying for consumer eyeballs because just like TV Networks, the more eyeballs on your ...
How to Price a Home in an Accelerating Market While the notable gains in the housing sector are helping to boost the national economy, this isn't exactly breaking news.  However, there's always a lag between what buyers and sellers discover for themselves versus what real estate professionals hav...
Cutting Through The White Noise of Content Overload For anyone drawing a breath right now, there is no denying the power of the internet and the role of digital marketing in our daily lives.  That being said, REALTORS are not immune from the same obstacles facing big-box brands in terms of reach...
Fort Collins Parks and Natural Areas:  Gateway Natural Area One of the best kept secrets of the Fort Collins Parks and Natural Areas is Gateway Natural Area.  Just 15 miles from Old Town Fort Collins and 2 miles from the mouth of the Poudre Canyon, Gateway Natural Area is the former water filtrat...
Top Ten Ways to Prepare for Competitive Offers If you're buying a house in today's turbulent market - you'll likely be competing with other buyers for the same narrow inventory of available properties.  If you you want to actually be competitive, here are a few things to prepare for. 10.  Be prep...

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