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First Time homebuyer Grants in California are now out as of may 2013! The Housing Affordability Fund has just released news that they are offering a $2,000 grant for first time homebuyers who haven't owned a home in the past 3 years and are buying homes in Santa Clarita Valley and San Fernando Va...
Be Scared! Be very very Scared!   On the theme of Halloween, I feel that it's a perfect time to talk about being scared in the real estate industry on a daily basis.  Scared of what?  Scared of going to jail of course! I'm bringing this up because today, I may have lost a realtor partner, but I g...
Are you DEVOTED or DESPERATE? I have been on both sides of this equation and I have struggled with boundaries when business gets slow.  But sometimes people in our industry cause the public to not respect our industry.   I just saw someone in our industry post on facebook that they were just head...
  My loan officer talked a big game!  But they couldn’t  pass the Mortgage exam!     Lawyers pass the BAR exams in order to practice law.       Accountants, CPA’s and tax attorney’s all pass different tests in order to obtain their designations.   Dentists, Doctors and Surgeons pass a multitude o...
No Cost Loans I recently had a client mention that they saw an advertisement from one of the big well known banks about a no cost refinance.  How does this work?  Why would some companies charge fees to purchase or refinance and others do not? Well it’s quite simple.  They ARE charging you, but ...
Show me your assets!  Yep that's what I said.    I'm talking about your assets to close! If you or anyone you know is planning on buying a home, you need to read this.   In addition to a credit check, verifying your income and inspecting the property, your mortgage company will be verifying your ...
I was in foreclosure and got approved for a mortgage? No way! That's impossible right?  But it's true!  I was drowning in debt, my medical bills were through the roof and my home was in the process of being foreclosed on.  I didn't even have to prove income or have them run my credit report!   Th...
You want the facts, and nothing but the facts?  I'm proud to be a part of this group that is helping clients, realtors and anyone in the real estate/mortgage industry get the right answers!  Are you a consumer with some questions, but not sure who to ask? Are you a realtor who has questions or sc...
  Welcome Drew!  I'm looking forward to working with you in helping to educate the industry and the public on the facts. It's a phenomenal group that not only keeps us all in the loop but keeps us laughing therefore not going loopy!  lol     At Mortgage Myth Busters, we are excited to welcome Dre...
One Year in Jail and a $10,000.00 fine? You heard it!  That is the price for mortgage fraud. I don't know about you, but my red hair clashes with orange!                         This is serious folks!  How many of you have had clients who were CLEARLY buying an investment property, but obtained f...

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