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If you know someone who is facing foreclosure you can feel at ease sending them to me, knowing you have have sent them to someone honest, ethical, and diligent. There are a lot of predatory Loan Modification companies out there so you have to be careful. Remember our goal is to help, not worsen our clients situation. Feel free to visit my website for more information.
In the last week I have had 2 clients of mine tell me their credit card companies have reduced their initially high limits to very very low limits.This was done with out permission. There was no warning of any sort. These 2 clients of mine had excellent credit, never been late, paid more then the...
This is a touchy subject to address. Today many people are out of work, and losing their homes. It is the biggest economy crisis most of us have ever been alive to see and endure.We have heard reports on the news and the papers. But this does not even compare to what is actually going on inside t...
It is amazing how many people are dealing with the tremendous amount of stress by themselves when facing foreclosure. This tends to be a very private matter. A lot of times, I am the only person they have talked to about their financial situation. It must be hard to keep all of that anguish and a...
It is very common for a marraige to quickly crumble when facing financial hardships. I have even had problems occur in my own marraige. What we need to do is stop placing blame on eachother for what is already done. I have found that if you try to work on a solution rather than pointing fingers, ...
Lose 30 Pounds in 30 daysTake some time to do analysis, and you'll promptly ascertain that the safest amount of weight to lose per 7 days is a maximum of 2IB.As tempting as it is to take the “fast weight loss” route taking supplements like the now banned ephedra, hoodia, as well as other similar ...
  Many people who are falling behind in payments are now facing foreclosure. Sometimes you may feel like you are losing your home and losing your mind. Or maybe even depressed and close to suicidal. And it may even be hard for you to sleep at night and hard to cope with any of your daily activiti...
Thanksgiving is here and while many families are preparing for the "big meal", there are millions who are not. For those of you out there who are fighting just to keep your lights on, or to make that mortgage payment that is past due, try to keep your perspectives in place. I know it's hard when ...
Acing Your Next Job Interview Going to a job interview can be a terrifying venture. How can you make a great impression? A little practice generally helps triumph with a job interview. Before you go through the door to your potential workplace, though, you will have to set some time aside and loo...
Most of us — at least those of us not in the oil business — have been enjoying the recent drastic reduction in prices at the gas pumps.We had better enjoy them while we can — our close friends in OPEC have already held an “emergency meeting” to cut production lest the prices drop even lower.Horro...
Loss Mitigation is a method used to avoid foreclosure by negotiating the mortgage terms for the distressed homeowner. It is used to describe either a third party assisting the homeowner, a department in the bank that mitigates the loss of the bank, or a law firm that negotiates with the lender on...

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