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If you know someone who is facing foreclosure you can feel at ease sending them to me, knowing you have have sent them to someone honest, ethical, and diligent. There are a lot of predatory Loan Modification companies out there so you have to be careful. Remember our goal is to help, not worsen our clients situation. Feel free to visit my website for more information.
  Bankruptcy VS. Loan Modification (Another Legal Scam)   I have found out recently that there are Attorneys out there advertising to help homeowners in distress obtain a loan modification. But once the homeowner contacts the Attorney, they are told a Bankruptcy would be a more favorable option ...
Facing Foreclosure? WARNING on Getting Help!!   Are you facing foreclosure, or heading in that direction due to an unexpected hardship? Give me a call and you can expect to get good honest information, advice or assistance. Or just fill out my pre-approval form and I will contact you regarding yo...
  Modify My Mortgage Q. What is foreclosure? A. Home foreclosure is a process by which a lender regains a property which they have financed. Typically, this is because the borrower or homeowner is behind on house payments and is unable to catch up, often due to circumstances outside of his or he...
        Loss Mitigation Programs That Stop Foreclosure!  Loss mitigation programs were established by the federal government and the mortgage industry in order to stop home foreclosures. They help foreclosure victims in default on their mortgages to find alternatives to home foreclosure. Every ho...
  Homes lost to Foreclosure up 6 % from last year   Most folks want to stay in their home, therefore, the most popular option for the distressed homeowner is loan modification. This is the process where the homeowner's mortgage is modified (changed) and both the lender and homeowner are in aggree...
This past week hundreds of Bay Area home owners facing foreclosure are looking for some relief. They are attending an event in Oakland California to meet with chase about modifying their home loans.     Chase Mortgage Modification Program - Share your Chase Story How to Avoid Loan Modification / ...
                                                  NACA Complaints and Reviews Before  I decided to write this blog, I really deliberated over it. I am not one to bash companies, especially ones that have been featured on CNN and are perceived to be helping people in need. But after watching the C...
  Orlando Florida Affordable Security Camera Solutions At PROPERTYLOCK we sell affordable DVR camera kits and we install these kits for you. Prices range from $250.00 and up depending on brand, camera quality, and the number of cameras needed.  The reason we can keep our prices low is because we ...
  Security Cameras Can Help Seniors     Security cameras are one way to keep an eye on our loved ones and also make sure they are safe especially if they are living on their own.  1. Security is definitely a major problem when it comes to seniors. Criminals pray on the elderly because they see th...
    Choosing a form of video surveillance requires a lot of consideration and a familiarity with the types of security cameras and CCTV systems out there. But there is so much information out there. You probably don’t have the time or patience to sift through all the websites out there. What you ...

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