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Stephanie Davis helps people buy and sell real estate in Charleston, SC and the surrounding areas.
My neighbor’s house went on the market last week. What’s the first thing I did? Mow my yard. Home buyers want to purchase a house in a neighborhood where there’s great curb appeal all around. In fact, the look of the neighboring houses may be more important than the house they actually buy. Why? ...
Seems like my clients fall into two categories: The ones who check with me on every detail, and the ones who don’t. Neither category is better than the other… until we have a day like today. I can’t blame anyone for what happened but me. My client was a first-time home buyer who was doing her bes...
This was the feedback from an agent who showed one of my listings this week: Stephanie, we ended up not looking at this home. Buyers don't want to be in a neighborhood with HOA where they have to pay the fee and are so restricted. Surprising? Not really. Lately I'm hearing the same thing from the...
I'll be on vacation next week. Yes, you guessed it; I'm writing this post to avoid packing. For the last three days I've been making lists at my desk and in my mind, racking my brain and running every scenario I can fathom to be sure all my t's are crossed and i's are dotted for my clients while ...
Over the years I've placed more than a handful of tenants in rentals all over town. It's usually a thankless job that takes up way too much time for the amount of income it provides. A couple weeks ago I helped a man apply for and rent a house listed by a company and agent I'd never heard of. I s...
Last week a woman called me, desperate for help. We’ll call her Natalie. She had gotten my contact information from her sister, who had gotten it from a friend who is also a friend of mine. (Thank you!) Natalie was in town for one week and needed to find a place for her family to live. Finding a ...
This week my eyes were opened to a new trend starting with new home communities: The builders are having buyers pay deed stamps at closing. The fee for deed stamps has always been part of a seller’s closing costs – the majority of a seller’s closing costs – and now builders are passing the fee on...
How well do you know your REALTOR®? Does it matter? Lately when I meet new clients I don’t spend much time talking about myself; they already know where I’m from, what I like to do, and how long I’ve been practicing real estate. Last summer I was showing houses to a couple I had just met. We were...
There are a handful of questions that come up consistently when I’m counseling home buyers. The process of buying a house can be very overwhelming. Terms like earnest money and down payment get confused with each other, and the time line can sometimes seem impossible. I’ve taken a few of the comm...
There’s such a pity party that goes on behind the scenes in this line of work. Every day real estate agents are moping around because someone they know didn’t think to hire them when they needed help with buying or selling a house. Hurt feelings turn to anger and then fester and cause resentment ...

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