What Do I Do With Left-over Paint? Home painters, such as A Finishing Touch Painters, LLC (, often leave any excess paint with their customers for future touch-ups. New home builders also typically leave excess paint with the homeowners for future touch-ups. If you are paintin...
Color selection and paint products are not the only important decisions to make when painting the interior of your home. The decision you make regarding which sheen or sheens to use is just as important. The sheen(s) you choose determines the finished look, feel, washability, and touch-up ability...
What is mold?Mold is a microscopic fungus.  Mold feeds on decomposing organic matter and reproduces rapidly. Why is mold a problem?Many molds are harmless; however, if you've ever gotten food poisoning or suffered from allergies, you know that not all molds are benign. Some molds create toxins, w...
Keeping Paint Off Trim and Floors (Avoiding Paint Spattering)Have you ever wondered why when you paint your walls, you leave small droplets of paint that speckle or spatter all over your trim, carpet, tile, or wood floors?  This issue is called roller spattering.  Roller spattering is when a roll...
The most stressful dilemma customers face when choosing colors for their interior painting project is visualizing what that "tiny swatch of paint" will look like on their walls.  Most customers understand that the color swatch sample on the color wheel will look different once it is actually on t...

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