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By Ron Bergeron
(KL Recknor Real Estate Company)
MOMO PLAY: A slang term used to describe an investment purely as a momentum play, not worrying about the company's fundamentals. MOMO is a word I am going to use here in Real Estate also. It's a combination of two words - Modern Momentum. It describes what people do when they see activity has picked up. Problem with that is everyone else has already gotten on the boat, and now you're really buying into a deal that's likely marked-up higher than when you could have gotten in just recently. As an investor (in Stocks and Real Estate), I see this happen all the time. It doesn't matter what kind of market we're having, because there are always good sectors and bad sectors in any given time. An example would be Alternative Energy stocks dizzily escalating up in a down market. In Real Estate, ...
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