Sun Fun Area (Myrtle Beach, SC)
By Myrtle Beach South Carolina Marketing
Myrtle Beach Hotels,  on average,  spend up to and beyond $300,000.00 each on advertising annually.  For a 240 unit condo hotel,  this comes to about 4% to 6% of annual gross income. As our firm is now helping Myrtle Beach Real Estate agents advertise their products,  we are finding that some hotel marketing truths are transferable and some are not.  I am putting this information forward in the hopes that I can get some good feedback from high performing Realtors to determine if the media shift is universal.   Here is what the Hotel industry has learned about where to invest their monies in this changing media age. A uniquely designed, easy to navigate website:  No matter how high your site ranks on search terms,  it is critical that the site have good content and is easy to navigate.  ...
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