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Everywhere you look, green, green ,green!  You would think that we all should go back to living in communes or something.  That has already been tried and rejected.  Going green isn't about making GE more money, it is understanding your place in the world.  The real story about the green movement is that corporations are finally facing the prospect of less growth, not because of high oil prices, but because the population is aging, and it is not being replaced at the pace that corporations need to keep up profits.  Most of the Fortune 500 companies get 50% or more of their revenue overseas, that is why the government keeps the dollar low and punishes Amercians with its foriegn trade policies.  Since the baby boomer generation is about to retire and I promise you, they will not spend the...
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By Dale Terry
The Democratic convention was held this past week with much fanfare and the Republican Convention will kick off next week. Tens of millions of dollars are will be spent to promote the two events and the taxpayers will foot some of the bill.   If you watched the Democratic convention, you were promised new jobs, more health care, a better school system, infrastructure development.etc.  And McCain will promise the same and more.  Who is going to pay for all these promises?   Wake up, America!  The politicans will promise but not deliver.   Stop believing them.
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