Flat Rock, NC Real Estate News

By Bill Westel, ECO
(Eco-Steward Realty)
 We went to the Flat Rock Music Festival at the end of September and were pleasantly surprised to find this one of the relaxing music festivals we have attended in the Asheville area. While other festivals like Lake Eden Arts Festival attract more crowds and have more stages of ongoing musical performances, Flat Rock offered a beautiful setting at Camp Ton-A-Wandha with only two stages an indoor one( for solo and smaller acts) and outdoor( for larger acts) both located right off a beautiful lake. Our favorite artists were the Near Misses  Steve Simpson, and Mieka Pauley, It was an easy walk or shuttle ride from parking to the festival. They had a small but select collection of eateries serving some of the best festival food we have experienced. Attendance at the festival probably number...
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