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By Nina Rogoff, Wix Websites for Real Estate Agents
As if snow days and the threat of school until the end of June wasn't bad enough, now there's a new threat building for people who own homes in Sharon MA. Ice dams. A combination of improperly ventilated and insulated attics are partly to blame. That, the enormous amount of snow we've had, and the alternating cold and warm temperatures.  When heated air from a home rises to the attic, it can warm the roof sufficiently to melt the snow. As the water runs down the roof, it freezes along the much cooler edge of the roof and accumulates until a thick band of ice forms. This ice dam prevents melting snow from running off the roof of your Sharon MA home. The snow melt can back up under shingles and cause leaks inside the house. When a roof is properly ventilated, cool outside air is drawn in...
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By Nina Rogoff, Wix Websites for Real Estate Agents
There are some easy and inexpensive things you can do to stay warm, lower your heating bills, and prevent damage to your home in Sharon MA this winter. Here are 7 tips: 1. If you haven't had your heating system checked in more than a year (or ever!) now is a good time to schedule an appointment. Have the connections and thermostat checked annually. You can clean and change filters yourself. Regular maintenance on your heating system will help it run more efficiently (lower bills) and prevent emergency repairs. 2. Knock down heavy icicles building up over the walkway or stairs of your home in Sharon MA. You can use a shovel or broom to knock them down and away from the path. As they drip and re-freeze, they create icy patches on stairs and walkways. 3. You may be able to use a window ins...
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