Fulton Industrial (Atlanta, GA)
By Community ReachingOut
(Community Reaching Out)
She cowered in fear as her young life passed before her eyes. Her friends... her family... she would soon be only a memory to all. She wondered what she might have one day been. Would she be an actress, a nurse.. or maybe a singer? It did not matter now, her short life was about to end. Her heart was pounding, her mind was racing... as stillness came. The ride was over. She climbed out of her seat on wobbly legs. Regaining her composure she raced off with her friends to experience the thrill of fear again. This is Six Flags, a place of perpetual happiness. In the shadows of Six Flags there is a community where the fear is not imagined and where happiness seldom exists. Crime is no longer newsworthy as it occurs all too frequent.  Drug dealers work the corners and prostitutes walk the st...
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