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By Sally Lawrence, Broker, CHS, e-Pro, SFR, REALTOR®
(Advantage Real Estate)
I recently moved from a house that I had built 22 years ago to a house that was built for someone else 33 years ago.  There have been some surprises despite having had (my first ever home inspection).I have a particular home inspector that I really like because he is also a licensed contractor. He likes to tease that he doesn't work anymore -- just does home inspections.  One of the reasons I like him is that he keeps up on changes in code and best practices in the home building and renovation industry.  So, of course, I chose him for my personal inspection.As he always does, he tested every outlet, but one,  in the house.  And they were all operating correctly.  The one he couldn't test was under the brand new carpet in the living room.  Shortly after I moved in, I had all the flooring...
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By Mike Young, FHA 203k Consultant 916-758-1809
(203kOnLine.com, covering the USA)
I'm the seller & a contractor, can the buyer hire me for the repairs? This was a question I was asked this past week. I must say it hasn't ever come up in the past twenty years to I find it an intriguing question. Lets take a look at the built in "Conflicts of interest" by HUD design. 1) Contractor can't be the consultant... turned out not to be true. In fact the conflict is that the contractor can't be the draw inspector. 2) Lender can't be the contractor or related to the contractor...   3) Lender can't be the consultant but the lender can have staff consultants 4) Can the owner be the contractor on their own project. Yes they can, it is considered "self help" and is written into the program. The problem is that most major lenders say "only if you are a contractor licensed in the stat...
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