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  "Good Night" from one of my favorite places in the World ... Pacific Coast in California   CALIFORNIA DREAMING This group is about CALIFORNIA (Only) I formed this group because I have been visiting and traveling through California since I was 14 years old. I own property in California and it is my favorite State. You can post any blogs you want about California, photographs, etc. I have been California dreaming all my life. Let me read about other people that have this similar dream! (Founder: Robert Swetz - Vegas Bob) Robert Swetz, Founder Founder: ROBERT A.SWETZ - Commercial Real Estate Founded: 10/17/2008 Subscribers: 130 Posts: 2270    
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   Before I was Vegas Bob I was the "California Kid" ...    I will always be Vegas Bob but 30 years ago I went by a different name. Back in the mid 70s I started traveling through the whole state of California from Crescent City to San Diego, and from Weed to the Salton Sea. California has been in my blood for most of my life and when I retire it will be somewhere in Cali. It is by far one of the most beautiful states in the country and the photo above is just one small example of what I am talking about.   "Have a wonderful day" everyone and don't forget to follow your dreams!   Photograph by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) aka "California Kid" - All rights reserved - 9-6-2010
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 - CALIFORNIA DREAMING Everyone that knows me figured it would just be a matter of time before I formed a group about California. I have bloged so many photos and stories about the West Coast State, I had to go beyond the realms of duty.  My first visit to the wonderful State of CALIFORNIA was back it 1974 when I was only 16 years of age.  I moved to the West Coast from Minnesota when I was 16 years old with a friend from school and lived in Portland Oregon. At this time I would hitch-hike down the whole West Coast through CALIFORNIA.  With a back-pack, harmonica in one hand & a Bible in the other I would travel up and down Hwy 1 and 101 taking in the wonders of the West Coast.  When I lived back home in Minnesota in the winters I started listening to a song on my record player, I woul...
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