La Mirada (Downey, CA)
By Carlos Arvizu, (R.V. Zoo)
(Carlos R. Arvizu Sr. with Prudential California Realy)
May 31, 2008 What can be done to help California and Nations Budget Crisis?  Our nation has been facing serious budget issues, and because California is one of the largest economies in the nation, our state is experiencing an exceptionally hard time.  For many of us, it has become a delicate task to make ends meet.  Even the everyday things, such as driving our cars to work and making sure there's enough food on the table, have become a bit of a juggling act.  Many of the problems have been caused by our very own state and national governments paying too much attention to special interest groups instead of the taking care of the important issues.  The three biggest problems facing the United States government and California in particular: 1.  Over-spending.  Government spending is out o...
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