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  When Vegas Bob was on his trip in Northern California visiting the "Redwood Trees" he came across these rocks stacked around the river. I have seen these rocks stacked like this around many hiking trails I hike along marking certain areas so hikers can find their way back on the right trail. Now these rocks stacked by this river bed and in the water along the "Van Duzen" river are just plain weird. VB didn't put these rocks there so he was wondering who did? There wasn't a person within miles of this river ... VAN DUZEN RIVER-NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - Jul 21, 2008 – Here is a wonderful photograph of the Van Duzen river in Northern California ... Posted by ROBERT (Vegas Bob) A.SWETZ - Commercial RE ..
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Who wants to meet Vegas Bob, Nu Nu & Sherry in Northern California?   Come on Rainer's there are none of you that want to play with Vegas Bob, Nu Nu & Sherry? I am pitching a huge tent right in the middle of the "Redwoods" and I do it every time I go to visit these "monster" trees. We can sit around the campfire and talk about life, Activerain, Real Estate and so much more! Here are some posts I wrote for everyone to read which might get you excited enough to party with Vegas Bob!     Vegas Bob headed to the "Redwoods" in Northern California after playing with "Bigfoot"   Vegas Bob will be searching for "Bigfoot" in Northern California later this week!   Vegas Bob will be flying high at "Lake Tahoe" September 2nd in the next few days!   Chandelier Redwood Tree - 315 ft tall - Diameter 2...
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I am very excited about taking a vacation to "California" in two weeks!   Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) is really getting pumped and excited about our vacation we are taking to Northern California. We are headed to Lake Tahoe for 2 days, then we are driving up to the Redwoods way up north in California for a few days and then driving down the Pacific Coast through some of the most beautiful Coastline in the World! Vegas Bob will have still cameras and Video cameras in hand and will be capturing some of his most favorite places he has ever seen. This photograph of the Van Duzen River was captured in 2009 in Northern California between Redding & Eureka California.   Post & Pic by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) - All rights reserved - 8-19-2010 - (Number 74)
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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
 Bridgeville California - population 300, elevation 646  This is a wonderful little town in Humboldt County, California and I have been there many times. Bridgeville is about 25 miles east of the Pacific Ocean in Northern California. Close to Fortuna & Eureka.  I am really pushing my California Dreaming group and looking for new members, to join click here:  CALIFORNIA DREAMING  There are some wonderful members and great photographs, so please feel free to join and learn about one of the most beautiful States in North America.  CALIFORNIA  photograph by Robert Swetz
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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
 Here is a wonderful photograph of the Van Duzen river in Northern California approximately 20 miles East of Fortuna. I am in the process of purchasing 65 acres on this river with over 3,000 feet of river frontage on both sides, at a very good price.    I visit the Van Duzen river at least once a year because the Giant Redwoods are in this area. Believe or not I pitch a tent at least two nights on my visit to the Redwoods.  There is something about these trees that keeps me coming back. And the Van Duzen river is so beautiful, I love to hike up and down the shoreline and listen to the sound of the river and water splashing the rocks.   This photo was taken by: Robert Swetz 7-15-2008 " Thank you and have a wonderful day "Robert Swetz   702.443.7156
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