Oak Valley (Beaumont, CA)
By Todd & Devona Garrigus, Broker / REALTORS®
(Garrigus Real Estate)
Beaumont CA REALTORS know that the Beaumont CA real estate market has stabilized and Beaumont CA home values are on the rise. This is great news for Beaumont home owners looking to increase their equity and sell their homes for a profit. In the recent two years we have seen Beaumont home values stabilize from the market crash that began in 2007 and 2008. Now, with real estate inventory so low in the Beaumont area, buyers are fighting over and over-bidding on reasonably priced homes on the market. In a "normal" real estate market, there is typically about six months of inventory on the market at any given time, but in today's Beaumont real estate market we are seeing only one to two months of inventory at any given time. In fact, homes are actually selling, or going into contract, within...
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