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    Thursday, December 15, 2016 by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Here is by far one of the strangest websites that Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob has ever created, many years ago | do you believe? AREA 51 UFOs/ Aliens Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz www.UFOsAliens … 7:16 7:16 . Robert Vegas Bob Swetz was NEVER Abducted by Aliens at. ... AREA 51 (Black Mailbox) Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz & Sherry AREA 51 (Black Mailbox) Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz & Sherry. ... UFOs & Aliens by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz; Real Extraterrestrial Roswell New Mexico by Alaska Bob ... Ufos Aliens Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - Video Results 0:00 AREA 51 Interview Robert (Vegas Bob) ...
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 I just came out of the Theater after viewing "The Fourth Kind" and I am very disturbed!   Here is a post I wrote several days ago about the new movie "The Fourth Kind" and after viewing this film I became very disturbed and creeped out.  New movie premiering Friday 11-6-2009 - (The Fourth Kind)  My friend Travis Walton has experienced something very similar to what happened to some people in Nome Alaska and after viewing this film I feel very sorry for anyone that has experienced this type of Paranormal Activity.  Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob)  
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 Can anyone from Activerain tell me about the Northern Lights in Alaska?  Are there any members of Activerain that live in Fairbanks or Nome Alaska? I am planning a trip around February to shoot some photographs and film the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).  I do know around February in Fairbanks it is about 30-40 below zero temperatures but I can handle it being raised in Minnesota where temperatures can reach 20 below zero.  Here is a very interesting 3 minute film about the Northern Lights I found on google. - Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights ...  Questions for anyone from Alaska .........  What is the best place in Alaska to film the Northern Lights?  What time of the year is the best for taking photos?  And would anyone like to meet Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) in Alask...
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