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In a nutshell - a no brainer (by soldwithbrett)
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As a long time customer with boomtown I was hesitant to switch over my website to Real Geeks. I started a new site to compare the two companies. I figured there was no way that I could get an amazing CRM, powerful website, and a whole host of tools for the price that Real Geeks was charging; it just COULDN’T be possible. I was completely wrong. Almost immediately I was getting more traffic on my Real Geeks site than I was on my boomtown site. The clients simply liked the flow and ease of use of the Real Geeks site. Within the first month I had done twice the business I had done with my boomtown site…. For almost 1/10th of the cost. My Real Geeks site constantly generates new business for my company without me having to spend THOUSANDS of dollars a month. The best thing about Real Geeks is they are continuously adding new features and they are very interested in their customers input. If you have a great idea for a feature they are extremely receptive to your ideas and will find a way to implement them. Switching to Real Geeks was a no brainier for me. If you are ready to SEE a change in the way your users interact with your website, make the switch to Real Geeks
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