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The best platform for my web based real estate practice (by fortmeade)
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I've been running a mostly Internet based lead generation team for 16 years. I've tried several providers and can give highlights (and low lights) on most of the major and some smaller providers. My most recent test was to put a Real Estate Webmasters site up against my real geeks to test how they did. In my opinion, the look of the REW site was better and the photo clarity (at that time) was also better. At the time I started this project REW was also updating properties much more quickly than RG including photos and that was a HUGE deal for my Internet savvy relo. clients. In the past year I have seen every one of my concerns with the RG site not only corrected, they've add the most amazing mobile interface for lead follow up that let's me reach out immediately to anyone registering on the site by e-mail, text or with a quick call. The ability to set follow ups at the appropriate times for each client and via the best venue...are they due a call or e-mail or text, means I can't get busy and forget who needs some TLC. And as a team leader the activity of your team on following up on leads is easily monitored to see if there are any weak links. Though the only way to really reach the support staff is by e-mail, I find them professional, helpful and prompt in their answers. I've also been able to customize my site to what my clients want to see with easy searches and if there was anything I couldn't do, Todd Bogert, an RG development specialist provides prompt and fairly priced services to take on a whole project, or show you how to do it yourself. Jeff, I just gave up my REW site and I'm all yours. In doing that, my Google placement went from 3 in the natural search back to 1 in the natural search within 24 hours. One note if you run multiple domains. I was told that you shouldn't do domain forwarding with stealth (masking the real page name to be your desired domain name) because it could affect your Google rank. I have successfully done this with no negative ramifications. In fact I popped back into the number one slot! I currently run three websites on one RG platform I'm very happy with my RG site and would recommend it to anyone.
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