Review for iPhone 7 Plus

Always APPLE, Always BEST! (by apandya)
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Goes without saying, Apple products have something special in it. Now that iPhone X and iPhone 8 are out, iPhone 7 and 7 plus have gone away - however, the review still will have 5-stars because of my previous preview. I had my Samsung Galaxy phones, I was impressed with iPhone 7 plus. Though it gets the 5-star rating from me, I just wanted to bring up some of the limitations that I personally thought are real limitations. 1. The headphone jack is missing. (Thanks to Bluetooth technology.) 2. It is just that a number is changed from 6 PLUS to 7 PLUS - same design and same colors offers on 7 PLUS. 3. This is a big one - the price. Indeed with not much of a change from the previous one, why should one pay so much? (And people do pay for great Apple products - so I am in a minority.) Still, A+ for Apple iPhone 7 Plus.
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