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This will change everything about virtual tours! (by housepat)
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My first glimpse of a Matterport tour came last summer when Redfin began to advertise them. But smart professional real estate photographers in this area are investing in the camera and adding 3-D virtual tours to their options for agents marketing their listings. The visuals are very different that we got with Circlepix. With Mattterport, you can see a flat floor plan, and you can sort of open up the house and navigate through a room at a time with curser and directional arrows. Images loaded quickly and it was as close as you can get to the feel of walking from room to room throughout a house. The equipment, at $4500 for the magic camera, might be more than most agents are willing to invest - there is both the cost of the equipment, and while they say it's easy as pie, I'd probably need a lot of time to figure it out. But checking the web sites for several area real estate photographers, the cost of including this service with a professional shoot seems to be in the $300 +/- range, depending upon the size of the listing. And they can pull out many still shots for use in brochures and mailers. As an agent who works mostly with buyers, I find this product to be most useful as I try to get the feel of a house I might preview or show. And the big plus is that there is much less distortion of room sizes. So what you see on your computer screen may not be exactly what you get, but it will be so much closer than what we've been using up until now.
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