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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Bonnie Johnson, Local Real Estate Broker for the last 20 years
(Urban Pacific Real Estate)
Comments 3
Having been in the bussiness as long as I have ( Nearly 2 decades) I have gained much insight on how to evaluate and even in a sense there is a tangible " Feel" of what is going on in the market. Some might call it knowing it like you know the back of your hand.Having weathered several different ...

By Danielle Almeida, Let Us Take You Home
(Danielle Almeida Group)
Comments 4
    It's no secret that Newport's gilded age charm with a modern twist is the reason why it has remained a summer destination hotspot for decades. Where else can you find not one, but many 100+ year old mansions nestled just blocks away from restaurants and kitsch shops? Where else can you go int...

By Jeff Blackett, I am currently studying to obtain my license
Comments 8
Dishonesty is a virus that creaps its way into almost every industy or business sector. It is also something that always finds its way home. Everyone has heard the term "what goes around comes around" this term probably has no truer meaning than when it relates to sales agents in real estate tran...

By Abbo Tax CPA, Tax Preparation & Accounting Firm San Diego
(Abbo Tax CPA)
Comments 0
Abbo Tax CPA is one of the leading and fast growing Taxation Law Firm in San Diego. Our dedicated professional team has carved a discernible niche for itself in the professional services industry. We stay current: Tax laws can be complicated and are constantly changing. We are always current with...
Up until recently, a larger number of PPC marketers have had only two weapons in the PPC marketing arsenal – social and search. Search is simply the expression of intent. That means users are revealing to you what they need and are looking for. When a search PPC advertiser picks the right keyword...

By Leon Jimenez, Specializing in North Phoenix. Also Spanish.
(The Phoenix Home Guru)
Comments 6
Zillow Values Mean Squat Home value: of course you have been checking out Zillow if you have been considering putting your Phoenix area home on the market. I'm sure you may even question why two of your neighbors with seemingly similar homes, floor plans, etc. are priced so differently. To make m...

By colton rich
(rich real estate)
Comments 0
Poor supervision is a particularly important topic for me. In past jobs poor supervision has impacted me in different ways. When I worked at a supermarket for my first job I started to understand the importance of supervision and how it affects the entire work environment. There was an employee w...
Millennials have a reputation for being a challenging consumer to satisfy. Stereotypes often point to bad spending habits and living in their parents’ basements for eternity, but that’s simply not the case: the majority of millenials are saving money, and at least 33% are saving specifically for ...

By OKUPIED Inc, Property and Expense Management app
Comments 6
We recently launched an iPhone app and are looking for active users to provide us with feedback on the features/functionalities it has as well as the overall user experience. The app’s name is OKUPIED ( ) and as of now is available on the Apple store ( ). ...

By Mark Goldwich, Trusted Insurance Claim Resource for Realtors
(Gold Star Adjusters, Inc.)
Comments 7
Don't Let the Grinch Spoil Your Christmas!by Mark GoldwichPeople know this time of year for buying gifts, gifts, and more gifts. No matter the economy, or the weather, or the state of the Nation, gifts are purchased this time of year by the hundreds of millions. That’s a lot of gifts. And a lot o...

By Felix Jonassen, Real estate has always been the next big thing!
(Inoolu Inc.)
Comments 8
It's no longer news that Global Listings, Inc. based in Miami, Florida has launched and deployed the world's first real estate Search Platform on their website website allows visitors and real estate entrepreneurs on a global scale the benefit of going through multiple cate...

By Thomas Gonzalez, Owner | Real Estate Broker
(Bink Realty, LLC)
Comments 9
822 W Jasmine Drive, Lake Park, FL Get Directions Click Here   Description Photos Maps & Local Schools Print Brochure My Reviews Practice $ Click for current price 3 BEDROOMS | 2 Baths(2 full ) BATHROOMS | 1160 SqFt Gorgeous property located in a quite neighborhood of Kelsey City in Lake Park. 1...
Full service agricultural land development, ranch management, organic farming, crop development,land preparation safety certification, agriculture consulting company based in San Luis Obispo, CA Agricultural Development | Ranch Development | Organic Farming
Every business landscape has turned competitive. With the financial crises of 2008, the real estate market had the hardest hit. Since then, real estate fraternity has quickly adapted to technology and tools to ramp up. Like every other business generating and nurturing leads becomes a challenge f...

By Fizdi India, Buy Paintings Online
Comments 4
These days anything and everything is sold online, there are online stores for medicines to the artwork. But, before you and your friends decide to buy artwork online mull over my list of dangers of online shopping and how you can be smart and not be ripped off. If you go by IMRG, there are appro...

By Virtual Tour Easy, 360° Virtual Tours Solutions for Real Estate
(Virtual Tour Easy)
Comments 11
Selling a house is a tedious task. Everybody who has gone through it knows better. The tenacity of the task is not affected by the trends in the housing market. There is enough competition among sellers, and it is necessary for you to make sure that your listing stands out from the rest of the pr...
It’s a consumer led revolution today in the retail industry, where retailers are continuously reinventing themselves. The good news is, certain trends are shaping up the direction. Even the best of followers of the retail industry who understand customer trends easily, it is necessary they know w...

By West Coast Tank Recovery, West Coast Tank Recovery provides oil tank removal
(West Coast Tank Recovery)
Comments 4
Undergoing a fuel tank removal in North Vancouver is not a task with which many people are familiar. It is therefore understandable that a number of questions may arise, with several of the most widely asked questions answered in the post below.Why Do I Need A Fuel Tank Removal?In North Vancouver...

By Caleb Brinker, Real Estate Student
(Agent Professor)
Comments 0
DishonestyI believe dishonesty in the real estate business is a big thing to mess up on. Like any other bad things, they come with a price. Dishonesty can ruin your reputation and what people think of you and how they speak of you. Ihave had plenty of episodes of encountering Dishonesty, and they...

By R Young, Urgent-Short Term Property Management
(Baron Property Management)
Comments 8
Now is a fantastic time in property management. Remote property management is far simpler.  And, it’s about time.Tasks that used to consume time and effort can be expedited quickly without being physically on-site. The property manager no longer needs to dig into file cabinets for every question ...