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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Arnold Hickey, Real Estate Broker in Arizona
(PHX PRO Realty)
Comments 9
Broker Arnold Hickey, Real Estate Agent serving the Surprise community is happy to showcase this beautiful 2 bedroom home for sale in Surprise backing to a Golf Course.  For your private showing please contact Arnold HIckey directly at 602-777-1020.  To get more informaiton please text:  1553945 ...

By Kyle Luekenga
Comments 4
Hello Real Estate Agents, First blog post here and hoping to really contribute to the community.  What is everyone's opinon on false adveritsing? I am startign to see a lot of realtors here in Utah advertising they will sell your home in 30 days if not they will buy it..... Is this fair advertisi...

By Connect CRE, ConnectCRE
Comments 3
The Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee unanimously voted to leave the key U.S. interest rate alone Wednesday. The money policy group will maintain the target range for the federal funds rate at 2.25% to 2.50%.Fed leaders were more upbeat about the economy too, despite its slow start ...

By Morgan Robertson, High-Tech Commercial Real Estate Platform
(My Perfect Workplace)
Comments 3
Tips and Tricks for Startups Renting Office SpaceCongratulations! You’re ready to move to the next level! Your business has grown large enough to no longer fit in your garage, basement, or best friend’s dining room table. Searching for your first office space can be daunting, especially in a hot ...

By Anita Golden, TBD
(In Training)
Comments 3
I recently had a situation where the Sales Agent was representing his brother the property owner. The Sales Agent did not disclose this fact, nor did he disclose that he owned the Escrow Office that we were forced to use. Then the Inspection report was tampered with as well, missing information, ...

By Christen Thomas, Personal Finance and Travel
Comments 15
Hi All - This is my first blog post! I have joined this community as I am just on my journey to get to learn more about real estate in general and how I can start getting into real estate investing. Here are a few things that I hope to learn here: 1. Downpayment Information    I have always heard...

By Shawn Truman, Property Manager in the St George Utah area.
(HomeRiver Group)
Comments 6
Is there room for emotion in real estate? That's a great question. I will give the typical lawyer answer.... it depends. It depends on which side of real estate you are on. Are you in real estate for a short time to find that home of your dreams, or are you in real estate to invest and make money...

By Michael McLaughlin
Comments 6
I think it's important to disclose known facts about a properly involved, rental or purchase, before completing a real estate transaction.  I have found that some agents and/or propery managers are not fully breifed on the property and hence do not brief the renter or buyer as such.  Some of this...

By Debbie Baxter, Better Call Baxter
(Coppermine Realty)
Comments 14
Beautiful 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home featuring an open floor plan with hardwood floors throughout the main level, newly renovated kitchen and baths, fenced in rear yard backing to playground, a fenced in front yard with your private 2 car driveway facing neighbor hood park and just mins from old to...

By Alex Uktamov, Local "we buy houses" company in South Florida
(Sol Green Homes)
Comments 3
If you want a quick sale, don’t waste time on the wrong updates If you need to sell a house fast, then Sol Green Homes has the must-have list for a quick sale. The house buying company in South Florida stresses how important it is to concentrate on the house repairs and updates that really matter...

By Jon Kumin, Real Estate agent serving Greater Boston
(Charlesgate Realty Group)
Comments 5
Boston’s housing market values has been rising rapidly since 2008, due to a shortage of housing supply with high demand spurred by strong population growth. The city has committed to adding 30,000 new housing starts by 2020 to try to aid the growing demand. Moreover, the Mayor recently upped the ...

By Jim Turner, Brokerkit recruiting and retention platform
Comments 3
In the video below, Stephen Jack, a Team Leader at Keller Williams, provides a few quick tips for brokers on agent recruiting and retention.First and foremost, it is important to listen to what people tell you. If you listen well, you will be able to clearly demonstrate how you can help them achi...

By Aman Rawat, I am a professional broker who deals in mortgage.
Comments 3
All you need to know about Unsecured Business Loan for Traders Commercial activities are an essential part of human existence in today’s world. Commercial activity can be classified into manufacturing, trading, and services. Trading is an important commercial/economic activity which involves buyi...

By Salt Creative, Specializing in web design
(Salt Creative)
Comments 3
Accomplish Your Revenue GoalsAs industry experts, we are aware of the multiple, complex factors impacting Google ranking, and how ranking directly impacts new client lead generation. Additionally, Google continues to maintain 85+% market share. That results in page one, position one Google search...

By Tony Brown Palauni, Currectly working to be a real estate agent
(Brown Brothers Marketing)
Comments 4
I would like to ask those in the real estate industry if they could share any experiences you may have on “Unauthorized Consideration” thank you. 

By Nathan Allan, Agent Professor Student
(Searching for Brokers)
Comments 7
Its important to understand the different types of Agents in Real Estate. There are specific, general, and universal agents.  When you think of real estate agents, you are most likely thinking of a specific agent. These agents represent a seller or buyer in only one portion of a real estate trans...

By Davis Anderson
(Unaffiliated )
Comments 4
Incompetency is ultimately at the root of almost all failures to comply with the best practices in the real estate industry. There is plenty of dishonesty that leads to the demise of certain professionals, sure. However there is always a failure to understand that there is absolutely no sustainab...

By Abby Jessime, Good at negotiate price
Comments 6
The Realtor is rarely available for showings Having trouble contacting your real estate agent? Do they seem to always be out of town – especially on weekends when showings are most common? Are they only available on days that don’t work for you? If your Realtor is rarely available for showings (o...

By Tankless reviews, Best Tankless Water Heaters
(Tankless Reveiws)
Comments 6
The tankless water heaters have many good reasons that make an individual to buy them. These are more energy efficient than the traditional ones because a tankless water heater heats the water as it is utilized instead of heating and reheating water in a storage container. Moreover, the tankless ...

By Jitender jagga
Comments 3
Gardening has a special essence attached to it. It makes you forget all the chaos in your life and also makes you spend some good time with nature. Distressing and intervening with nature doesn’t really add onto its charm and instead leads to it losing the entire natural aura it creates for itsel...