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When I first started in real estate, I was working with a senior agent who was on the cusp of retirement. That agent was no longer capable of doing the paperwork or keeping abreast of technologies etc. and I would toddle behind listening and learning while the agent dealt with clients. One thing ...
Well of course I have a listing that has been on the market for about 40 days now. I previously sold the condominium of the mother for this client after her mother recently passed. She had moved to our city to assist with her ailing mother but has now returned to the mountains in British Columbia...
A couple of days ago a client of mine contacted me regarding a FSBO he was interested in viewing. The day I was setting up showings for the weekend and I contacted the owner to ask if he was prepared to pay a commission if I brought him a buying customer. He told me "no, thats why I'm selling it ...
Windows are an important component of a home. In addition to enhancing the esthetic beauty of the house, windows can provide fresh air and ventilation to the home, allow daylighting to brighten interior spaces and keep out harsh outdoor elements (wind, rain, snow). Buying new windows can be a dau...
Your kitchen is probably the most used room in your house. Poor layout, inadequate lighting, cramped spaces, outdated fixtures and old cabinetry are common complaints of homeowners. Before you decide to go ahead with a kitchen renovation, it is important to clearly identify the features you want ...
Many condominium owners have questions or concerns regarding their condominium home. Owners should put all their concerns in writing to the attention of the Board of Directors where their concerns can be dealt with by the entrie board at a properly scheduled meeting. Once your concerns have been ...
However, there are a few hoops you have to jump. First before your purchaser buys, the status certificate, declaration, by-laws and rules should be reviewed by their lawyer. The lawyer should then look at whether or not specifications have already been determined. The corporation may have even se...
I was taking a client from Toronto around for 3 days looking for student rentals. We looked through many homes and many bedrooms and saw many half naked students and saw lots of beer bottles. Finally at a really excellent property in terms of what my client was looking for, we were in the back ya...
Check out this website for more information on London, Ontario, Canada. There is even a trip planner on it! Cheers!

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