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As complicated as we may try to make it, there are only a few basic thoughts and behaviors that produce health, energy, creativity, and success.  In football, we focused on basic strength, quickness / stamina, knowledge of the offensive/defensive scheme, and self-care / nutritional intake.  When ...
"Hello Brother, name of Daniel Teague, Dan to those who know me, Big Dan to those who don't.  I couldn't help but hear that you, like myself, have the gift of gab."  -  from "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" Do you remember this scene from that great movie.  There are so many great one-liners from thi...
I work hard and I work "SMART".  As a former family therapist, I think of my business as I thought of the treatment process and success planning in therapy.  Our plans and daily conduct must by SMART. 1.  Specific  -  A written plan, a written focus, a written mission, and a written journal of pa...
I get it  -  Commercial Realtors and Residential Realtos live in different worlds.  The residential real estate field is less technical, busier, less profitable, marketing heavy, etc.  The commercial real estate field is highly technical, very professional, more profitble, strategic, etc. But, li...
I am so proud to be a Realtor.  I have earned several designations in residential real estate.  I have devoted myself to education and growth over my 5 years in this field.  But now, I am very excited to be a CCIM candidate and to be taking the 4 CCIM core courses.  Having just finished 102, I am...
I am sitting in CCIM 102 right now.  This is a 5-day training sponsored by the CCIM organization in Chicago.  This training focuses on Market Analysis for commercial real estate. Now, I do residential and commercial work.  I hold the GRI and CRS in the residential arena.  I am a broker here in TN...
What are the sellers thinking?  I have found myself asking this several times.  When introducing buyers to a new property during the first showing, I am keeping an eye out for any signs of water damage, moisture, mold, drainage problems, etc.  Water is the biggest threat to the structure and func...
Quite honestly, I expected to be very bummed out today.  My candidate did not win.  However, I have felt rather encouraged after considering a few of the following: 1.  We live in a fantastic country  -  As many have remarked on television, it was only 40 years ago that the Civil Rights Act of 19...
I have been asked to provide a brief description of BNI for those that are unfamiliar with it. BNI is Business Networking International, Inc.  It was started in CA by Dr. Ivan Misner.  Now, BNI has a presence in all 50 states and several countries via local chapter and regional directors. The ide...
No one is perfect.  It is both trite and true.  A more meaningful examination of human nature includes an examination of behavior patterns, tendencies of thought / cognition, personality features, and more.  Most people that I have known are willing to do the right thing when it's easy or when th...

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Richard Barbee offers his personal views and insights on all things financial.