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Trivia question answers for Saturday October 17, 20201. What legendary actress was nicknamed "The Face"? Greta Garbo2. In Disney's Dumbo, what is it that Dumbo is made fun of for? His large ears3. What was Alaska called before 1867? Russian America4. What is the name of the dog on the Cracker Jac...
Trivia question answers for Friday October 16, 20201. On what Carribean island did Natalee Halloway disappear in 2005? Aruba2. What chemical element was added to table salt since 1924, to help prevent goiter? Iodine3. How many ounces of coffee are there in a Starbucks "tall" size? 124. What month...
Trivia question answers for Thursday October 15, 20201. What common affliction makes the lens of the eye go opaque? Cataracts2. What fictional pirate commanded the Jolly Roger? Captain Hook3. What percentage of air is composed of nitrogen? 78%4. What is the most obvious physical difference betwee...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday October 14, 20201. From what language did English borrow the word "tsunami"? Japanese2. What vitamin is milk fortified with in the US to combat rickets? Vitamin D3. In relation to the Halloween holiday, what is the archaic meaning of the word "Hallow"? Saint4...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday October 13, 20201. What was the name of the motel in "Psycho"? The Bates Motel2. How much of the daily recommended calcium intake does a glass of milk contain? 39%3. At what pole would you find penquins? The South Pole4. On the hit show "Seinfeld" what was Kram...
Trivia question answers for Monday October 12, 20201. What does the Latin word "circa" before a date mean? About2. What small gland, attached to the brain, exerts a control over growth? The Pituitary3. What is the only US state that ends with the state's own postal code? Kentucky4. What does "ALF...
Trivia question answers for Sunday October 11, 20201. What kind of creature is a Boto? Dolphin2. Who did Dwight Eisenhower defeat in two US Presidential elections? Adalai Stevenson3. Who said the famous line "Here's looking at you, kid"? Humphrey Bogart4. What fictitious planet did ALF claim to b...
Trivia question answers for Saturday October 10, 20201. In Western Union's alphabet, what is the letter "C" known as? Chicago2. What are you afraid of if you are Alektorophobic? Chickens3. What is the largest rodent in the US? The Beaver4. Achilles' heel was the result of him being dipped in what...
Trivia question answers for Friday October 9, 20201. What abbreviation comes from libra, meaning pound in Latin? lb2. From what language did English borrow the word "glitch"? Yiddish3. What was the last name of Eddie Murphy's character in the movie "Trading Places"? Valentine4. What was the first...
Trivia question answers for Thursday October 8, 20201. Quercus is the Latin name of what tree? An Oak2. In Disney's "Dumbo", Timothy the mouse tricks Dumbo into flying with what? A Magic Feather3. Who was the first singer to have five #1 singles off of one album? Michael Jackson4. Whar color was ...

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