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Real Estate Broker/Owner - The Buyer Brokerage
Victoria Ray Henderson is an exclusive buyer broker with The Buyer Brokerage in McLean Virginia. Licensed in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, Victoria works for homebuyers in every real estate transaction. Member of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents ( licensed Realtor in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC Specializing in Home Buyer representation focusing on property evaluation, negotiation, and attentive service to Buyer clients.
It feels sooo good to be right! It's a little bit happy mixed with smugness and a lofty feeling of superiority. And there are so many opportunities to be RIGHT-  The waiter/waitress screws up your order-Travesty! How dare they! Do they not know who I am! Are they really that stupid? Daughter fina...
Good News for First Time Home Buyer's...if you qualify Beginning October 1st, 2017 first time home buyers in Washington DC may get a break on their recordation tax. Unlike the first time homebuyer program in Maryland which includes all first time home buyers in the State, the District's program h...
Buying a home is a journey and if you want success, you need to prepare.However, even with careful planning, research, and an excellent buyer's agent, you can still be blindsided. Here's an example. Our clients bought a house and planned to move in over the course of a month. A relative went to t...
At Buyer's Edge, we only work for home buyers. Exclusive Buyer Agents & members of  We are wary of flips and frequently share what we've learned from touring flipped houses. To be fair, not all flips are flops. However, if you buy a flipped house that is a flop, it could be a very expen...
2900 Clothes dryer fires are reported in the U.S. each yearWhen buying a home, most people don't think twice about the clothes dryer. The home inspector usually checks the dryer to be sure it heats properly and that's the extent of the dryer inspection. After our experience this week, we will now...
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Looking for an inexpensive way to stuff yourself with delicious food?  Bethesda's Restaurant Week is just what you're looking for!    From August 11-19, Bethesda, MD will have great deals on different restaurants in the area. More than 30 restaurants are gearing up for a busy food and fun filled ...

Victoria Ray Henderson

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