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Have you ever started to work on a Project the day you received it? Funny, neither have I. Working on Projects is right up there with going to the dentist and doing your taxes.Think about how you cheat on a diet. Take a piece of cake for instance, which obviously wouldn’t be on your diet. You jus...
What is a Project anyway (besides something you never want to do)?A Project is simply a large task that you can’t get done at one sitting. This is especially true if you work with others and get to go to those fun meetings and endlessly discuss irrelevant topics. Thank God for the doughnuts.Proje...
Do you have paper notes scattered all over your office?Welcome to the wonderful world of computers! Instead of using paper, you can create an electronic note card reminder in Microsoft Outlook 2013. Then you can drag your reminder note card into one of your Action Category folders in the left win...
 Do you run your washing machine for only one item? Of course not! Guys know the correct way is to pack their machine with every piece of clothing they own so it hardly turns. Now that’s being productive! Kidding!Today if you work on tasks as they pop up, you are probably interrupting yourself ev...
Tip 65. Drag your Support e-mails to File Explorer.Why would you want to store e-mails you need to work on along with information you just reference? You wouldn’t.Why not simply move, make that drag, all of those non-action e-mails to File Explorer so that only actions are in your e-mail.Here’s h...
Tip 76. E-mails can go only to one of four places: FADS.When you open your e-mails, do you just kind of look at them and wonder where they should go? Or do you just leave them in your Inbox and not even consider moving them?Information from your e-mail Inbox flows to four places the same way as i...
Tip 60. Keep a clear pathway to your desk.   Do you have to turn slightly or watch where you step just to get to your desk?Think about the width of a doorway. The opening is usually at least 30 inches wide. There’s a reason—so you don’t have to turn your body to fit through it. The same is true ...

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