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I Hope There Is a Special Place In HeavenYesterday I wrote a post entitled, “I Hope There Is a Special Place in Hell”. It was about a family who set up numerous charities to supposedly help cancer victims. They collected $180,000,000…and then spent the majority of the money on themselves. The Fed...
I saw the following story the other day and it made my blood boil. It seems a man and his family collected almost $200 million dollars in charitable donations for cancer patients…and then spent almost all of it on themselves. They gave themselves lavish vacations, bought expensive cars, paid for ...
Where Is God?I am a news junkie, and I love to read the various Internet headlines each day to sort of get a pulse on what is on people’s minds. If you follow the news like I do, you will notice that we have a difficult time trying to figure out where God should be. Throughout the week, there are...
 By now the whole world has heard about the German flight that crashed into the Swiss Alps. Speculation is rampant as to what happened. The leading theory as of this morning is that the co-pilot deliberately crashed into the side of a mountain; while the pilot pounded in vain on the cockpit door ...
My Daughter’s Other FatherI wrote a piece the other day entitled, “The Butterfly Effect”; which detailed the exploits of one man's efforts to help change the world. In that post, I discussed how a man gave two teenage girls each $50 and told them to go do something kind with the money. Months lat...
The Butterfly Effect This past Sunday, I saw a story on “CBS Sunday Morning” that sort of took my breath away. It was a very short piece lasting just over 2 minutes about a man named Chris Rosati. CBS journalist, Steve Hartman, told of Rosati’s efforts to empower kids in a piece entitled, “The Bu...
People Plan… Go ahead finish it…people plan, God laughs. We have all heard that saying a million times over. We know its meaning. We know that it is meant to convey the foolishness of making elaborate plans for our lives when things could change on a dime…because God controls the universe…not us....
I just saw a study posted on the Internet which sort of broke my heart. According to a study conducted by Iowa State University; in marriages where the wife becomes gravely ill, there was a higher percentage of those marriages ending in divorce than if the husband was the one ill. The Journal of ...
Many of us feel like we are simply going through the motions with our lives. We are so embroiled with our day-to-day activity that we fail to consider there might be a big picture. We don’t see ourselves acting proactively to anything.  Instead, we may feel like we are constantly reacting to our ...
Just like dozens of other things in life, we take our ability to see for granted. While many among us are actually blind and physically incapable of seeing…there are many more of us who have our sight, yet fail to see. We tell ourselves that our lives are so hectic that we don’t have time to get ...

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