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Buying and or selling in the Raleigh Triangle area and surrounding counties like Franklin and Granville. Stop throwing your money away with Renting. Stop Renting. It is time to purchase you new home. Call me.
 OK here it is my new news paper ad. It just hit the streets Wednesday night. I had a lot of fun with this ad. I will be doing many more of them. I am working on the best format for this size of an ad. The ad is 2 columns wide and at least 4 inches in length. I can work with the length from time ...
AR Referrals Folder!I hope I am not the only one here that thinks this way. I thought the Referrals were for us to help others that are relocating to other places. You know a good AR referral to another of the first person who gets the worm.Then why am I seeing those who are active with AR do the...
Foreclosures, Foreclosures, Foreclosures OK where do I start here.I get more and more buyers that want the foreclosures.Question? Experience! On foreclosures.I see more and more the foreclosures being back on the market for market price and not such a great deal these days. I see the homes stripp...
Why do I live in the Raleigh, NC Area?It is the weather. Over the weekend was the Wake Forest Christmas Parade. In the parade was a float carrying the basket to a hot air balloon. Those who were in the basket had to wear a hat and long sleeves. The driver of the truck had the sun roof open with t...
I just sat through my 8 hour CE Courses. One of the two courses covered the Code of Ethics.I cannot tell you how informative it was. I learned that the Code of Ethics has made changes every year since 1986, except for 1988. The Code of Ethics started in 1913. Now I have the better understanding o...
I was at a Realtors Open House today. The owner/fixer upper was there also. This Realtors Open House was the best I have ever been to so far. The Listing agents were there along with the Owner, whom also help fix up this home for the next owner. How can I explain this. The owner wanted constructi...
You know what amazes me about those that are looking for a new home that are searching via Internet? Why they do not want to talk to a Realtor. How bad can it be to talk to a Realtor. I thought that talking to the police officer is much worst than ever talking to a Realtor. We offer a site that t...
How do you help your clients with the purchasing a new home process. I only deal with facts and not emotions. I cannot work with emotions. I let them know up front how the deal goes. I repeat myself so many times. I do not give them everything up front. I feed them information. They are more apt ...
OK. I am looking at taking bets on the new AR goal!I have been watching AR grow and grow and grow. Now we are approaching the 60,000 mark. So, I was looking at a contest of who could guess the correct day we will hit 60,000.I am looking at guessing it will be on December the 10th, 2007.I am curio...
I have just read an article about how to insulate your attic door. Now this door is the pull down ladder type or the skuttle type. It looks just like a large cooler that you would carry your beverage around in. It has a zipper for the opening into the attic. Plus it is stapled down on the attic f...

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