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Buying and or selling in the Raleigh Triangle area and surrounding counties like Franklin and Granville. Stop throwing your money away with Renting. Stop Renting. It is time to purchase you new home. Call me.
OK here is a question that I did not ask in the first part of Home Inspections....Sellers to due before placing home on the market? Do you advertise that a home inspection was completed on the home? If you do, do you make the home inspection available to the possible buyers? If you do this do you...
I have been wondering why more and more agents do not suggest to the sellers to have a home inspection completed before they advertise it for sell? I see so many reasons why they should. Not the money for one. So here are whys I would want one done first.They know what is needed to fix up the hom...
It was a partical bad day. I was left without access to my emails.What did we every do without emails. We had phones, cell phones right? Well not all the time either.I really miss technology when we have had it and then we do not have it.I did not function very well until I got my email fixed and...
Where oh where do those who make the phone call get our mobile phone numbers to solicit us? Well, I normally get bombed at the first of the month with these phone calls saying that they have a service for me.I am asking them upfront where oh where are they getting my phone number from. I am not g...
For the New Year. What will be different?I read a blog earlier today about positivity. She wanted to be around more positive people. I got to thinking about it a bunch. We all need to be around positive people. The world out there does not really understand our career! Most could not handle our j...
No, no, no. Seems to me it was in 2007. I hear this phrase every where. I even hear it from Mr. Sean Hannity on Hannity & Clombs. I hear Dick Morris say it. I catch myself saying it. Why do we say it? I really do not know, other than we hear someone else say it and then it goes around and we star...
It was brought to me attention that someone who was getting ready to list their home has a problem. The story goes like this. The daughter was to be taking a nap. Well, she was not doing so well in her bedroom so Mom puts her in her bedroom. After about an hour the Mom goes into her bedroom to se...
Am I the only one that this happened to. It started today of the new year 2008. I am writing my blog and I do not have spell check nor to I have any way to add pictures as the old AR gave us in 2007. I know we get changes every now and them. But this one hurts. Well, the HTML was not taken away f...
If you are looking for Inspiration for the New Year. I just saw my all time favorite movie. It has nothing to do with favorite actors. It is all about "never giving up" and going out and after your goals. Once you set you goals, you set out to achieve your goals and you do not take no for an answ...
Does it matter what your car looks like to a client for the first time? Does it matter if your car is clean or not when your client looks at it for the first time? Does it matter if your car's interior smell is clean or smelly when your client gets in it for the first time? I believe in first imp...

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