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It aways amazes me of this "love/hate" relationship we as Realtors we have (at least I have), with the buying public. In today's complicated real estate climate, loan issues, short-sales, foreclosures etc; Our expertise is needed more than ever. As an independent contractor I run my business like...
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by Real Trends 12/13/2010 A new study released recently by Fannie Mae finds that most Americans strongly aspire to own a home and to maintain homeownership, despite ongoing turmoil in the housing market. However, demographic trends such as fewer married couples and less families with children res...
I cannot express enough how important it is to not only the Real Estate Community, but moreover the Homeowner community, that we all need to contact our representatives and let them know that reducing or eliminating the Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction would be catastrophic for our industry and th...
What is up with these short sales? Banks say they want to move this inventory, yet they cannot even keep up with their own paperwork. I have sent the same documents to so many people at BOA, that I have lost count. I am told that they have "streemlined" the process, but I don't see it. We have bu...
http://www.childrensmiraclenetwork.org/ With over 100 million in donations from RE/MAX to CMN, our office were allowed to take a tour of "Cooks Children's Hospital" (recipients of donations raised through CMN) in Fort Worth. What an eye & heart opening experience. From the time I pulled up to Val...
Class-action lawsuits against large banks active in residential mortgage lending are on the rise, according to a National Law Journal article published online. Similar suits have been filed against J.P. Morgan (JPM: 39.37 -1.77%), Bank of America (BAC: 11.94 -1.32%), Citigroup (C: 4.215 -2.43%), ...
"The Tea Party's small-government slogans may be appealing, but its policies could throw the U.S. economy into chaos"  "Big Business is sitting there on fat, pushy duffs looking for government to keep them in business" "Call to privatize Social Security" "When it comes to government, they don't w...
Just read an article about North Texas Real Estate. Star Telegram Artical We need to let people know that just because the $8k tax credit is gone.... There is still the MCC (Mortgage credit certificate), which could give a buyer up to $59k in tax savings over a thirty year note. Is anyone else ta...

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