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SI Real Estate offers unrivaled personalized service to every client which sets us apart from the rest! We are Tampa’s Premier Real Estate boutique for home buyers, home sellers, sophisticated investors, and traditional relocations. We also provide turnkey landlord and tenant management as a value added service for our investor clients. Our company’s core values guarantee every interaction is a positive one that leads to a lasting relationship!
This deal is official.   Tampa, Florida will be the next destination for the retail giant Amazon.     A fulfillment center of epic proportions is going to be built by the end 2014. “This is bigger than landing the Super Bowl, a national Convention or the Olympics. It’s a mega storm of growth that...
  The year of 2013 has proven to be quite eventful for the real estate industry, both in the Tampa Bay area and nationwide.  Over the last nine months, we have been carefully monitoring the market activity and headliners, and planning accordingly in order to stay abreast of real estate from all a...
The year 2013 has been a very positive year when it comes to the recovery of the housing market. We have followed the rising prices of homes, increase in newly build constructions sold,  homebuilders regaining trust and increasing the inventory, and we also witnessed people who went through a ban...
Real Estate Pulse 2013:   It continues to be a promising year for the real estate industry in the U.S., especially in the Tampa Bay area.  We are seeing irrefutable signs of housing recovery.  The latest excitement to make headlines is the blossoming new construction occurring in today’s market. ...
There is new hope on the horizon for those who lost their homes due to the recession. The current administration has created a new rule regarding the waiting period for obtaining a new real estate mortgage backed by the Federal Housing Administration.   Previously, home owners who experienced a f...
Since 2009, existing home sales have never been so high. July 2013 recorded and increase of 6.5% in comparison to June of the same year. A seasonallyadjusted annual rate of 5.06 million in June went up to 5.39 million in the month of July. This indicates a double-digit year-over-year increase in ...
Homeowners are thrilled to see the values of their homes continue to increase as the real estate industry is recovering and stabilizing.  The strong demand for housing and the low supply of inventory have continued to drive up home prices in the Florida real estate market, as well as nationwide! ...
  The year of 2013 has been proven to be an eventful time for the real estate market, especially here in Tampa, Florida. So far this year, we have discussed: the impact of international investors on the recovery of the housing market, the significant presence of Millenials as first-time home buye...
In the last two years, there has been an unstoppable positive turn in demand for real estate. This resulted in increased home buyer’s motivation to purchase. In addition, this newest trend boosted builder’s confidence in the real estate market as well.  According to Mr. Jay McCanless, an analyst ...
Last week we discussed the importance of understanding the effects that rising home prices have on mortgage rates and the buying power of consumers in the market to both buy and sell.  The recent mortgage rate activity has caught the attention of the nation, and of course our local Florida real e...

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