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... as if it matters, but anyway, I'll plug what I feel is a damn good effort not properly awarded my many comments praising the bone marrow of the author. Perhaps they found it to be plagiarized, redundant, in conflict with certain cliches at the time, or maybe it was just overlooked ... which h...
With a Jim Jones wall poster angled slightly to their right, the Cameron Family joins in unison to endear their leader to the freedom of being let go from the shackles of infamy and into the loving arms of Pat Roberton doing a karaoke compilation on the music of the 70's:  
First off, I want to thank everybody and anybody who has taken the time to comment on what I've written here or elsewhere.  I don't think that it is thought of consciously on a daily basis, but the fact that somebody has devoted one iota of their time in this life to engaging with me is a pretty ...
Imagine it, little old you.  Having a list of folks who actually want to read what you write and see what you think?  It's a great honor.  Unless, of course, it's contrived. Back when AR had the function of looking at the most subscribed to folks on this forum, I thought it was kind of cool.  Unl...
For once, I'd like not to wax poetic or intellectual ... but to tell the truth as I know it. That gold-starred bastard on your subscription list is probably just a bastard.  And like many folks in the Real World, that bastard is just trying to make a living.  Most of what the bastard says is prob...
She's roasting me here: Roasting Jason Sardi on his Birthday: Today, My Sardiboy, You’re Older Than Jesus      
His eyes blinked twice and there was only silence. Part of me didn't want his eyes to blink at all.  But even silence is better than a bath-house of desperate rats crawling over you, nibbling at your skin.  And at that point, one has two options: Nibble back ... Or eat the SOB's Being scared is j...
Help a brother out, folks.  One of my favorite people, on and off of AR, has the chance to see his better half sit right next to Regis.  And if Danielle does get the gig, I'm certain that spending the day with Regis will make her appreciate Sheldon that much more;) . OK ! I have been on here for...
This should do it ... :) Somebody walked by my area of the working world today and inquired on what website I was exploring.  I introduced them to AR and considering they knew my job history, it should of ended there.  But it didn't.  They wondered why I was still involved and participating in su...
One of the perks of not having to sell anything in these parts is it allows me to write about anything.  As is if that ever stopped me before. The political arena started becoming interesting for me in my latter years of high school, when dimples were replaced by the cynical zits of the inevitabl...

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