One question clients ask a lot is “what is a duplex?”. The term duplex can be confusing because it’s also synonymous with rental apartment, legal apartment and accessory apartment. However, it’s not the same as a semi-detached home.Let’s look into it a bit further.What is a duplex?In the simplest...
Is a real estate open house necessary after COVID?Real estate open houses, which have been around for generations, came to an abrupt halt in March 2020 with the beginning of COVID-19. But do we actually need them back?It was Saturday, March 14th, 2020 and Ryan was hosting an open house for his cl...
The original article written by Beth and Ryan Waller can be found hereWhat is a bully offer?In real estate, especially in a sellers market you’ll hear the term bully offer. In recent years, due to the surge in the anti- bully movement in schools, it’s often been referred to as a “pre-emptive” off...
ORIGINAL ARTICLE WRITTEN FOR GUELPH TODAY: Guelph real estate continues its surge, but there are pockets of more affordable options, say Beth and Ryan WallerIt’s no secret that most Ontario real estate markets have hit new highs this year, including Guelph. Even the federal government stepped in ...
“Millennials make up the largest concentration of Guelph residents and they’re aggressive in pursuits of a home” say Beth and Ryan Waller.Guelph real estate- wait for it- softened in July, both versus July of 2020 and the previous few months. It’s expected because summer months are slower than sp...

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Beth and Ryan Waller are Guelph Realtors
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