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This post was originally published on This week’s 1st Fifteen is all about negotiation. We’ve been speaking about the most important personal qualities of a negotiator, and the rules of negotiating.  The qualities and rules will be easy to remember – because they’re the ...
Doug Doebler earned a multiple seven figure personal income last year.  I started coaching Doug three years ago when he was earning mid five figures. Cathy McWilliams is the number one Agent in her company.  She sold one hundred and fifteen homes last year.  My work with her began seven years ago...
How many times a week do you hear the classic question, “so, how’s the market?” How do you know if it’s polite conversation or a potential client checking you out? Talking points — pre-planned responses to common questions — are a great way to make sure you don’t drop the ball when someone expres...
Many Agents use the property need letter poorly with little or no result.  Done right, this one technique can easily and quickly generate new listing leads.     In the current market, this is working very well for Agents that I coach all over the country.   It starts with a Buyer.  You have a Buy...
I've worked with thousands of Real Estate Agents across the country and one thing stands out, year after year: business plans are extremely important.  Agents who follow through on their business plan earn over far more, often $100,000 more than those who don’t.  The biggest problem is that it’s ...
Send Postal On-Message Marketing: This includes a few things.  “On message” means that it is obvious from the marketing that you sell Real Estate and you are good at it.  There is a format we coach for this.  Send to Sphere of Influence.  Send to your farm a full summary of all the sales for the...
Hallelujah, all signs are that the Spring of 2013 is going to be very healthy for residential owner occupied Real Estate.  In most markets across the country there are not enough houses for the demand.  Some Agents, the lucky many, will sell a lot of homes this spring.  Here’s how.   Step 1: Cont...
"Five Daily Things Mega Producers Do That You Don't."   It’s true.  Mega-Producers (100+ transactions, $20+ Million volume, or $300,000 income) do consistent things that most agents don’t.  But those consistent things are very likely not what you think.  It’s hard to get to that high level and to...
There is a ceiling.  There is a very real limit to how much one Agent can do, without administrative help.  It is normally between 30 and 50 transactions per year.  It is also about 3 to 5 sales a month.  And it is about 3 to 4 new Client appointments per week.  I know.  These are the things we h...
You will never be able to manage your time if you don’t know what the goal is.  Imagine that you want to get to a big, important, high priced, easy to sell, listing appointment by 4 PM but you don’t know the address.  No matter how good your time management, and your organizational skills, if you...

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