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The Real-Life Realtor blog was designed to give you a first hand look at what really happens behind the scenes of a real estate transaction. The blog is an extension of the Real-Life Real Estate Training program which was designed by a Realtor for Realtors. The Training program will walk you through the real estate transaction...step-by-step so you can experience the financial success and business growth you desire.
With the end of the school year comes vacation time.  As our thoughts turn to taking some time off, we need to make sure that our homes will be safe while we are away.  Did you know that most intruders will spend no more than 60 seconds trying to break into a home?  If it takes longer there is a ...
Washington, DC is one of the few areas in the country that has coops or cooperatives.  Coops differ from condos in that condos are considered to be real property.  Coops are considered to be personal property because the co-operative corporation holds fee simple title of the entire property.  Thi...
It may be legal, but it can be difficult to do.  And while lots of agents do it, I choose to do things a little differently. It's Completely LegalIn the jurisdiction I work in it is completely legal for real estate agents to represent both the buyer and the seller in the same real estate transact...
Are you tired of struggling in your real estate business?  Do you wish there was a magic wand to give you some clients?  Are you looking for a short cut to success?  If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, perhaps you made the wrong career choice.   To be a successful real estate agent y...
Being a real estate agent is one of the best jobs in the world.  But when you work with so many different types of people, you quickly learn how to treat everyone the same and be the best agent you can be.  Here's a list of 23 things real estate agents know for no particular order.What ...
Attention all home buyers.  The intent of the home inspection is not for you to see if you have a perfect house, because you don't and you never will.  That simple fact is one of the many joys of home ownership.  The intent of the home inspection is not for you to ask the seller to repair or repl...
When I think back to my childhood and teen years I can remember my mother saying, "nothing is new under the sun".  But of course you don't think your mother knows anything, after all she's so old.  She couldn't possibly realize that platform shoes were new.  But as you get a little older you real...
I often blog about real estate agents who get in the way of the transaction.  But today is a little different.  As a trainer I am seeing more and more agents get in the way of their own success.That's RidiculousWhile at first glance you may be thinking that agents getting in their own way is ridi...
Ask any successful listing agent and they will tell you that there is much more to listing a house than sticking a sign in the ground and putting the listing in the multiple listing service.  This is especially true when it comes to listing a condominium.  When listing a condo there are several q...
We have all heard the questions..."We've lived here for 10 years and never had water in the basement until that really bad storm last year.  Do we have to disclose that?""The fireplace can't be used because it needs a new liner, but it was like that when we bought it.  Do we have to disclose that...

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