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The Real-Life Realtor blog was designed to give you a first hand look at what really happens behind the scenes of a real estate transaction. The blog is an extension of the Real-Life Real Estate Training program which was designed by a Realtor for Realtors. The Training program will walk you through the real estate transaction...step-by-step so you can experience the financial success and business growth you desire.
There are three words you will hear over and over again as a real estate agent.  Prospecting and Lead Generation.  To be clear, they mean the same thing.  You'll hear them over and over again because without doing some prospecting, you won't be in business for very long. The difficult part about ...
Have you taken the time to think about your marketing plans for the coming year?Start the Year Off RightIt wouldn't surprise me if you haven't because you are probably in the majority.  That's unfortunate.  If you want to start the new year off on the right foot you need to get busy right now.  R...
One of the best things about being a real estate agent is the fact that you get to make your own schedule.  One of the most difficult things about being a real estate agent is the fact that you get to make your own schedule.  While making your own schedule sounds fabulous in theory, it can be dif...
When it comes to buying and selling real estate, everyone is an expert.    They feel compelled to give their opinion and expert advice at every turn.  As a real estate agent we know that everyone who voices their opinion isn't necessarily an expert, but we do understand that if we are to maintain...
It's hard to believe, but the new year is right around the corner.  Even though it's only September, this is the time of year to evaluate your real estate business.  What did you do well and what areas need improvement?  How much money did you make and how much do you want to make in the coming y...
It's too easy to start your day with negative thoughts and dreading what the day will bring. A Performance Review with your Manager A meeting with a difficult buyer or seller An intense negotiation A meeting with your child's teacher A phone call delivering unpleasant news An enormous "To Do" lis...
Technology has taken off like none of us could have ever imagined.  News gets transmitted around the world in a blink of an eye and we can catch up with people we had lost contact with.  Social media has forever changed our lives, but our we spending more time online than in person?The Lost Art o...
It's hard to believe that it's back to school time already.  Although Summer is wonderful and carefree, there is something about the structure that school brings that makes me work smarter and more efficiently.  As we prepare to get your little ones (or big ones) off to school we often say, "have...
We've all heard the saying, "Time is Money", but how many of us truly take it to heart when it comes to our real estate business?Value Your TimeIf anyone has time that is valuable, it's us Realtors!  So why is it that so many real estate agents waste precious time and lower our "hourly rate"?  My...
How do you advise your buyer when they fall in love with a property that you both know is priced too high?"Too High" is a Relative TermFirst and foremost, be extremely careful when categorizing a property as being priced too high.  Like beauty, price is in the eye of the beholder.  "Too high" is ...

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