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Useful information based on and around the credit scoring model.
You may have done everything right in saving to purchase a new home. You were careful about opening new lines of credit, you avoided any credit inquiries, and you protected your credit score as if your life depended on it. Once you purchase a home, however, there are many, many things to tug at t...
If you pull your credit report, you will see that there is much more information there than many realize. It is important for you to know what information is included in your credit report so that you may properly handle that information. These are the sections of your report: Personal Identifyin...
While a credit repair service can help your score a bit by making sure your credit report is accurate, to continue on your road to impeccable credit, it is important to eliminate your debt. There are many systems out there to help you do this, but here are a few great tips to help you on your roa...
You may be aware that by law, you are entitled to a free credit report annually from each of the three major credit reporting agencies; however, you may not know what you should monitor on those reports. Do you find yourself opening up that report then saying, “Now what?” These are the things you...
Everyone knows your credit rating can affect things like getting approval for home or auto loans and interest rates on loans and credit cards. However, there are so many other things that can be affected by poor credit rating and credit history. ·         Security deposit on utilities. Utility co...
It's no secret that over the past few years medical expenses have sky rocketed!  For you the bills may be piling up and you might be unaware that there are options available.  Here we have listed a few ways to help you manage your medical expenses before it's too late. Check for billing errors - ...
Christmas has passed, the new year is here and many of us are counting down the days until summer vacation.  What will it be this year?  White sandy beaches, hiking and camping or sailing the open seas?  The options are endless...if you are financially prepared.  Summer vacations are well deserve...
It's often this time of year that many home owners are considering renovations. Breaking the bank during demo is always a fear and good one at that. Below are a few suggestions to save on your 2014 home renovations.       Scope out your local recycling center – This one is for all the do-it-yours...
As much as we would like to deny it, we all make mistakes! Some big, some small but mistakes are inevitable! Mistakes like forgetting to take the trash out will pass quickly, spilling red wine on the rug will fade in time, but misplacing a bill or avoiding collection calls can stick with you for ...
Christmas is a time of year where we find joy in giving.  Giving our sons and daughters the hottest toys of the season. Giving our mothers and fathers the lavish trips they deserve. Giving our selves a chunk of undesirable debt and stress! Unfortunately Christmas has become more about gift giving...

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