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Oh my goodness!, I feel completely overwhelmed! Turn on the news and you get two stories, Look at the newspaper in your area and you get two stories. Look on line and you get two stories. I don't care if your looking at Health Care, Real Estate or Weather... it's the same. One person's opinion is...
What ever happened to Customer Service? What ever happened to the Customer's Always Right? These are two statements that have died in our day to day life. We have all the modern conveniences. Things at our finger tips such as checking our selves out without anyone assistance at the grocery store ...
Everyday has been a new day in dealing with this new Real Estate market and just when I think I'm on my game... the rules change! I submitted an offer on a foreclosure and gave a two day turn around time for my Buyer. Right on it right? Well I get a counteroffer within 30 minutes and believe you ...
Got a call yesterday from a gentleman who simply called me by my first name and gave me his full name and his phone number and location and asked if I would call him. Because of the way the call came in as an Alabama area code and I'm in Georgia and because he called me by first name only I was r...
Could It Be? Could we actually be seeing the light? Are we starting to see a turn around! Have we made it though the storm? I don't think we are quite there but, I can finally say I actually see a little gleam of light, a little ray of hope.
I haven't been a very faithful bloger lately. I am very grateful to have made it through 2008 and have been taking 2009 one day at a time as I'm sure each of you have and are. I got a call from a potential customer last week and when he wanted to see one of my listings and was actually pre-approv...
While showing home yesterday I had a very bad experience I have to share! Both homes were vacant and both homes were foreclosures. The second home my buyers and I went to had a really strong smell of tobacco in the home and the buyer almost declined going any farther in the home than the living r...
October 2 years ago we lost my father in law to cancer. He passed away on October 29th. and was buried on October 31st. from that moment our lives changed. Holidays became totally different. Thanksgiving was his favorite holiday. He loved his Turkey & Dressing and Banana Pudding! Since Thanksgivi...
I am currently working a Short Sale with Countywide. I don't mind saying that, because I would hope someone who is of importance would read this Blog and use it as a learning tool. I received my offer on this piece of property if you can believe this back in AUGUST. That's right I said back in AU...
Yesterday I had the opportunity to ring the Salvation Army bell at our local Kroger. I had to be there between 12:00 and 1:00pm and quite honestly it was cold and raining and a task I kept asking myself?What was I thinking? I woke up yesterday morning dreading it! I kept thinking all morning how ...

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