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The Mortgage Marketing Community has recently created a new forum, take a look at the Mortgage Marketing Community Forum.  We've created the form as a place where Mortgage Loan Originators can put their creative Mortgage Marketing thinking caps on and network together.  Our goal is to make this a...
The Siearra Vista AZ map for areas eligible for the USDA Rural Guaranteed Home Loan is posted below.  Please feel free to print it out as a resource.  Homes in areas that are not within the red boundary line in the Sierra Vista AZ area are geographically qualify for the USDA Rural Guaranteed Home...
I just posted the Yuma County Map so here is the more detailed Yuma City USDA Rural Home Loan Map.  The areas outside of the red boundary qualify for USDA Rural Development Home Loans.  Please feel free to print it as a reference.  The majority of the Yuma City area is eligible for USDA Rural Gua...
Here is the map of qualifying areas for Yuma County.  The majority of Yuma County is eligible for USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Home Loans which is good news because it allows buyers to get the best priced loan period. Please print the map and use it as a reference.  You can always find more ...
I used the Active Rain video service to slap together this video for our new venture the Mortgage Marketing Community.  They have all the prebuilt clips, pictures, music and such.  It's pretty cool.  Just can't figure out how to get it out and syndicated... It would be nice to be able to downloa...
Well I made you look, and really that was the purpose of that headline.  I was having a conversation with my favorite marketing maniac Tim Davis and the conversation turned to writing headlines that pull. If you can't get your audience to read your message you sure as heck won't get them to be in...
Here is the map for USDA Rural Development Home Loans in Casa Grande Arizona.  If this is your area, please print it out and use it as a reference.  To verify an address you are looking at as eligible for the USDA Rural Home Loan, please email me with the address and I'll Check it for you. You ca...
I finally put together the map for the USDA Rural Guaranteed Loan for Rural Real Estate located in the Tucson AZ area.  You can download a copy of the USDA Tucson map by clicking on it or visiting my USDA Rural Guarnteed Loan web site. I'll upload other USDA Rural Guaranteed Loan eligibility maps...
The USDA Rural Development Guarenteed Loan is quickly establishing itself as the most cost effective Rural Housing Loan anybody could use. Our Rural Housing Loan will save your buyers a truck load of cash and help them keep their money in their bank account after closing! Here's a comparison of a...
I finally got a spare 30-40 minutes and so I created a squidoo lens for the FHA Secure Short Refinance. Please stop by, check it out and rate it a 5!  Also feel free to leave a comment if you will as that seems to be good for the squid rating. you can find it at

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