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We should be recovering quicker.  We have more buyers than properties to sell.  Interest rates are low.  There are still people out there with solid careers.  So, what's going on? Back in "the day", sellers would set a price.  If buyers felt their price was fair, they would agree to sell the prop...
Okay...the world is entirely too serious right now.  So, to lighten things up a bit, I want to propose a conspiracy.  I believe that the manufacturers of tents are the instigators of all that is crazy with the world.  You laugh, but think about it! Occupy Wall Street, aka Occupy Oakland, aka Occu...
These times can test ones priorities.  Are we here for our clients or for ourselves?  I don't think, in the 16 years I have been a Realtor, I have ever had such an on again-off again year.   I would feel really awful if it was due to some action I took, but it wasn't.  It was because my clients h...
Saying "Sacramento is a destination" may not be what travelers may have heard.  What is more commonly heard is "Sacramento is a great place to start from".  Even native Sacramentans may have come to believe this...we hear it quite often. I beg to differ.  I defy anyone to identify a city that has...
AS strange as this sounds, it has been suggested at several meetings of late.  Just imagine qualifying someone who, other than a short sale or foreclosure, has perfect credit.  They pay their bills on time....some even doing so until they are told that they have to have a late or non-existent pay...
As we all acknowledge, emotions run high during the search for a home, the negotiations that must take place and the hurdles we must jump.  As a result, many times the events that take place are very personal.  Sometimes we need to be reminded that, while the relationships are personal, the decis...
I have some very nice fact, they are so nice that they are apologizing for making me work.  They feel bad when they "bother me" to show houses.  They feel bad when I offer to give them comps for the house they want to make an offer on.  I have explained that this is my job; this is w...
I'm grumpy...or maybe anxious is a better description.  I am on my way to get a biopsy on my throid.  I am not a nervous person, but this type of thing always makes me a bit cloudy.  On top of that, I am thinking about our family business.  We get along very well, but as in any family business, t...
I am a big believer in volunteering...I have spent a good portion of my adult life donating my time to causes I believe in.  I admire people who do way more than I ... their giving is impressive.  There is just one caveat to this...if you are volunteering your time to teach, educate or pass on yo...

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