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Don't get me's a fine color.  It's what I painted my first two houses I owned 30 years ago. You can put just about any other color with it and it goes with everything.  It is a safe color that will not offend your visitors.  Guests will not dislike your for your taste in decorating or ...
Aahhh, baseball...the roar of the crowd, the anticipation of the first pitch and the thrill of the crack of thebat!  All of this can be experienced in Sacramento'sWilliam Land Park and Dooley Field in the spring of 2010!  From the excitement of the 5 year olds donning their first uniform to the b...
I was at a luncheon the other day when a Realtor shared her story of a short sale listing she has.  It had received multiple offers and one of the buyers agents had offered to pay her seller $5000 if her seller would take their offer (of course, AFTER close of escrow).  She had told the story bec...
Mine? Odd as it may seem, I would love a blustery, rainy day...the crazier, the better.  The rain would be coming down at an admirable slant making the trees branches pull towards the grass. I would know how hard it was coming down simply by the roar on our roof. Now, I wouldn't want to be in it....
I am very excited that MetroList (our local MLS) now provides wonderful reports to help us better understand what is happening in our local market.  Land Park and Curtis Park are two of the neighborhoods I specialize in so I thought I would share the information from MetroList for your perusal. E...
April 8th, 2009Carolyn Said, Chronicle Staff Writer"A vast "shadow inventory" of foreclosed homes that banks are holding off the market could wreak havoc with the already battered real estate sector, industry observers say.""We believe that there are in the neighborhood of 600,000 properties nati...
When setting a listing price for a home, accurate information and evaluation of that information is critical.  The nuances of the neighborhood, knowledge of the comparable properties, current issues facing homeowners and buyers all come into play when setting a market value of a property.  Realto...
Even if you are local, you may have heard of SACTO, but not had a clue what they do. Today, the Sacramento Association of Realtors hosted our Finance Forum in which Barbara Hayes from SACTO spoke.  She gave us a truly "meat and potatoes" picture of the purpose and success of this organization. SA...
Many of us remember Betty White as the conniving Sue Ann Nivens in the Mary Tyler Moore Show or the ditzy Rose Nylund on the Golden Girls.  However, in the world of philanthropy and worthwhile causes, she is a caring supporter of pets rights.  So, how excited do you think Sacramentans are that Be...
As the time grows closer for a vote at the Sacramento City Council, there is an escalating fervor regardingthe Petrovich development known as Curtis Park Village.  The chasm between the fans of this development and the critics is growing as well.  Much of the chatter is really a result of misinfo...

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