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We just don't know how far away it is. Yeah, that bit of info helps a lot, right? I see it all the time - articles that someone, somewhere, typed out into a news story, an article in a weekly magazine, or on some website. I've been seeing these rosy little missives for years now. So, where is th...
  Proving that the earth is flat, and hell has frozen over, a local homebuilder recently (January 09) called a buyer who was about ready to close on his new home, and asked him to re-sign papers, as they'd had a price increase, and wanted him to pay the new higher price. Incredible? You bet... Ex...
10. A clean car... Carwashes are what, $10? No excuse for a dirty car.9. A printed map of your area... It will come in handy when you least expect. 8. Supply of movie passes to enclose with Thank You notes. 7. Subscription to Real Estate Professional magazine. Best $33 ever spent.6. Spiral bindin...
10. Color laser printer. Prices have come WAY down...9. Wireless office phone. No more crooked necks.8. Wardrobe of logo'ed shirts. Use before-tax $$ to buy your threads...7. A website that works. No shortage of reasons why... Just Do It!6. Quality flier making program... SharperAgent, MS Publish...
10. Shopping cart advertising. Who ever renews these contracts?9. Muerta del toro lead generators. Again, who continues with these guys?8. Glamour shot photography. The word is out on this... Time to stop!7. SEO "guaranteed placement" claims. We can't ALL be in the first position!6. Image adverti...
This is the first of two lists I'm putting together... The other is the Top 10 Worst Things Realtors Spend Money On. Again, this is the GOOD list.10. Lockbox key - for obvious reasons.9. Tablet computer - gather signatures wherever you are.8. Interactive web site. Needs no explanation.7. Contact ...
                                  Greetings faithful Cubs Fans!    All hail to the Bartman!    In Lou We Trust!   Blah Blah Blah...Take a good look at the attached picture. Not the little girl - my daughter has enough people looking at her... Zoom in on the score board. This photo was taken just ...
If I were to awaken tomorrow as the commissioner of real estate - all of it - what would I change? Lots of things... For starters, I want a new set of rules.Raise the entry gate. No, I'm not engaging in the "pull up the ladder now that I'm on board" tactic. I've been licensed 22 years. But I DO s...
Top 10 Ways You Know The Market Has Changed 10. No lines in front of builder sales trailers.9. Listing agents call for feedback  after you show their listing.8. Escrow officers answer your phone calls - even at the end of the month.7. Open house signs clog every corner on weekends.6. Two Words: P...

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