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Running a website can be easy, fun and very low cost. If you have no idea what to write about, or why your competitors outpace you in the search engines, consider some of these free (or very low cost) tools that will completely change the way you approach blogging to secure your top spots online....
There's a neighborhood in NYC that has the most spectacular Christmas light displays, which have made them one of the city's most popular tourist attractions annually over the holidays. Dyker Heights, or "Dyker Lights," as it is called during the holiday season, is a popular residential neighborh...
September is one of the BEST months to visit NYC. The weather is usually fantastic, not too hot, but you can still dine outside on one of our amazing rooftops or patios. Sports buzz fills the air, including the US Open, Giants, Jets, Yankees and Mets. There are tons of Parades, fairs and festival...
A challenge of all filmmakers is to find locations in which to shoot. Location Scouts are always looking for both commercial and residential properties to film a movie or TV show and they pay fantastic rates! The industry standard for a residential property is usually between $1000 to $5000 per d...
Local bloggers in your city/town already have consistent and loyal traffic to their sites, so how can you capitalize on this? Simple, you can help them with their websites and offer value to their site visitors, which in turn, ensures you remain the expert in your geographic area. I run a popular...
The 2019 Men's Wimbledon Final between Djokovich and Federer was epic by all the standards. Whether or not you are a tennis fan, it is impossible not to admire the mental and physical strength both players, ages 32 and 37 respectively, demonstrated consistently for 5 hours. Djokovich's mental str...


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