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This Is Mr. Peepers. He is an African Grey Parrot and has made an appearance on Active Rain before. Our day is made brighter fom sun up until bedtime because of this loudmouth chatterbox. His current vocabulary is pushing about `100 words and sentances, with only one for certain bad word. He also...
If you reside in the area covered by the Bryan College Station Regional Association of Realtors the following data has just been released for residential solds and listings for February   Sales Closed 107                                   Average sales price $183,979    Sold dollar volume $19,685...
On Saturday afternoon my wife and I were driving around town changing out signs to our new company signs and came across these two black buzzards on top of a light pole in the middle of a major urban subdivision. I have noticed that vultures in our area seem less wild than in the past, much like ...
This week at my Rotary club I witnessed an amazing story about a blind woman from Nicaragua that a fellow Rotarian brought back to the USA and helped educate and learn life skills. She also taught her to run a marathon! I am not a runner but I was amazed to learn that the way she helped this blin...
TheTexas Aggies Finish up their regular Big 12 Conference pkay today with OU in Oklahoma.  I feel they will do well ...but even if they don't I will say this has been a good year for those big hearted Aggies and no one player has a bigger heart than Senior player Bryan Davis !  Bryan has been a s...
Today Our company ,BCR..... is putting out hundreds of new signs ! Since we began a new partnership this week with another local company ,we are now one of the largest and most experienced companies in independent, non franchise, local, hometown , homegrown , full service  company. As t...
Selling Homes with bad dogs can be difficult to say the least!  Over the course of any agent's career they are bound to come into contact with a bad dog or two..or even three like I have.... Or at least these three are the most memorable.                                  Here are my 3 Worst Dog E...
This is the kind of top class helpful information that is availiable from AR members to assist the public! Thanks Marchel.The Texas Association of REALTORS® along with NAR and a few additional organizations have launched two websites to help consumers with real estate issues. www.KeepMyTexasHome....
The Texas Aggie Mens' Basketball team soundly defeated the team that beat # 1 KU last week... Oklahoma State.  the Aggies just refuse to give up no matter what and proved it tonight . Every time OSU would begin to gain on them they would get to fightin' back until the spread was safe. The final s...

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