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Pic courtesy of Mashable  I'm a freak for "trust'n and verify'n".  I'm a control freak, and I admit that.  Today, while scouring the internet (Twitter), I followed a link from @mashable and led me to a killer blog post with a tool that lets check the net for your listings.  Go to http://www.intl...
This morning while performing my morning ritual "Googling" of "Miami Beach Real Estate", I noticed that Trulia, who has held the #1 spot for some time, was no where to be found. A quick e-mail to my real estate web guy, Brad revealed that: "It's not just Miami. Something has happened to Trulia. I...
    I just did my last post of the year.  I sat back and pondered and really, really liked the post for many reasons.  Five minutes later, and even more proud of myself, and my post, I deemed it, in my own head, my best post of the year!  I know it's short, and you may not see what I see, but tha...
  Cyndee's candor and ability to demonstrate her success on her panel from blogging and Web 2.0 made it's way to me today all the way from Orlando. I really think it is important for people looking to move into these new arenas (blogging, Web 2.0) that the speakers be able to quantify their succe...
Coco Clayman-Cook, Westside Los Angeles Real Estate Maven stars in tonight's issue of Bravo's reality series Million Dollar Listing.  As soon as I saw Coco Clayman-Cook showing LA's exclusive condos in the Wilshire Boulevard corridor, I said to myself, "she's an ActiveRain member." So, congrats ...
With all of this blogging/social networking/linked in/ Trulia Voices---I have so many profiles on the net. I want to corral them and my passwords to keep them together. Anyone have any ideas on organizing this stuff?  Any technology out there to help with with this stuff????   POR FAVOR!
When someone is having a conversation with me, the least I can do is give them my full attention. Ines, is it a "Miami thing" that people are ALWAYS holding two conversations at once? I'm adopting a new policy as of today: I will no longer repeat myself when a person decides to take a cell phone...
  Actually, I have two questions.  Here in the Miami area there are a few AR members who constantly switch their profile from city-to-city.  One day their profile is in Miami Beach, one day it is in Sunny Isles and the next it is, say, in Miami Gardens. Do you think that's cheesy?  I plan to def...
My Broker supplies our listings feed to Trulia.  Here is my listing on Trulia.  Notice anything? My Web address is not is another brokerage in the Miami area that is supplying select listings (usually the lowest priced listing in any condo building, from what I can see) dire...

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